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Topic: Ghost and Spectrasonics VSTi's

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    Cool Ghost and Spectrasonics VSTi's

    Hi Guys,

    I got a warning that my C; drive is about go belly up. Ugh!!

    Anyone using Symantec Ghost v 9.0?

    If I make an image of my drive, will my authorizations stay intact?

    Any words of wisdom? I need to do this soon and have been advised NOT to turn off my computer before the image has been executed as my drive may not start up again.

    Can I actually image the c: drive while its runing the XP OS?

    Thanks in advance for your Wisdom

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    Re: Ghost and Spectrasonics VSTi's

    In preparation for sending my laptop in for repair, I used Ghost 9.0 to image my hard drive. After HP's repair facility reformatted my drive, I restored the imaged disk. Bad news though. My authorizations were not there. (Spectrasonics, Native INstruments, etc.) Looks like I have to redo them all.

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    Re: Ghost and Spectrasonics VSTi's

    I've Ghosted my drives and never had any issues with Native Instruments authorizations on restores or even Microsoft ones. Only time I've run into issues is with different hardware being replaced in the system.

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