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Topic: RMX Channel 3 volume

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    RMX Channel 3 volume

    Today I started digging in to RMX. Incredible! However, I found a snag. When I load several channels and their midi tracks on the arrange page (in Logic 5.5) there is a problem with channel 3. The volume slider in the mixer goes to 0 as soon as I hit rewind or play. Thought I was doing something wrong until a friend who is on Logic 6 on a Mac said his does the exact same thing. Just on channel 3.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it's a known bug, but I haven't seen anything about it.

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    Re: RMX Channel 3 volume

    Never mind. Just downloaded the update that fixes that very thing.

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    i have the 1.08 update but the problem in the channel 3 isn't fixed.

    I have the same problem.

    I hope it will be fixed in the next update

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    Re: RMX Channel 3 volume

    Yes, it actually is fixed in 1.08.....please read the release notes in the update again.

    You have to manually replace the updated default.mlt_rmx file to the correct directory.

    SAGE/Stylus RMX/Patches/defaults

    The next update will have an installer to simplify the procedure, but it's pretty easy stuff to do.

    By the way, this isn't a bug in the software.....just an incorrectly assigned MIDI Learn from channel 3 Mod Wheel. You can also fix it by MIDI Unlearning the Mod Wheel on that channel.


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    Re: RMX Channel 3 volume

    wow,thanks a lot for your support

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