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Topic: MIDI to FINALE then played by GARRITAN?

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    MIDI to FINALE then played by GARRITAN?

    Is it possible to take a MIDI file and bring it into FINALE2005 to be played by GARRITAN?

    Or is it possible to bring a MIDI into XML then
    to FINALE so it can be played via GARRITAN?

    Is there any software that will
    do this?

    Special thanks for your help.

    Paul O
    Windows XP-pro SP2, Pentium 4
    3.4 GHz, 2GB RAM
    GPO & Finale 2005b.r1

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    Re: MIDI to FINALE then played by GARRITAN?

    Paul, It should be possible to import a MIDI file into Finale and then have it played by GPO. It depends on how the MIDI file was sequenced. If it is Standard MIDI, then you may have to do some tweaking. We use continuous controller data for dynamics and crecendos on sustain instruments. We have Standard MIDI file translators that would help in this regard. Otherwise assign the instruments according to the staff and you should be good to go.

    Gary Garritan

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