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Topic: Ambience for Dummies

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    Ambience for Dummies

    I have never worked with reverb before Ambience so I need help. The presets are nice, but if I knew what to do to tweek one I could come close to the sound I am looking for, problem is I don't know what the terms mean - I have used gate in some of my audio apps. Is there a tutorial out there that explains the relation between gating, decay, shape, damping and EQ and how it effects the sound?

    I am trying to find something between Ballroom 1 and Church. The church has a bit to much "echo" but I don't even know what to move to reduce it. After that, I may need to change something else, but one step at a time.

    I really don't mind reading, so if there are some books out there that could educate me, please don't hesitate to recommend


    GPO, Finale 2006, Powermac Dual G4, 2 Gig ram, OS 10.4.1

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    Re: Ambience for Dummies

    Quote Originally Posted by neoTypic
    the simplest way to lessen the reverb (that I know of) is to lower the bar on the Wet output in the ambience tools.
    Ok, that reduce the amount of the setting, but what if I want to sustain a piano tone just a bit longer? Would I increase the lenght of the release?

    When I look at ballroom and then church, there are many things that have changed. If I better understood what each thing does, I could come up with the setting between the two I am looking for. I have a bit of an idea how something work, but do not understand how they work together.


    GPO, Finale 2006, Powermac Dual G4, 2 Gig ram, OS 10.4.1

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