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Topic: GPO Approved by the UK

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    Thumbs up GPO Approved by the UK

    Has everyone seen this? Gary you dropped the ball on posting this, this is truely exciting news indeed.


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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    That's awesome! I wish my school would have had GPO available for me.... These are some lucky kids nowadays.

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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    Joseph, Just announced it and you beat me to it

    GPO Approved in the United Kingdom!

    Garritan Personal Ochestra has been approved by the
    United Kingdom Department for Education and Skills.

    The Secretary of State for Education for the United Kingdom has certfied GPO content making GPO available to UK schools. The UK Government has set aside substantial funds in the form of credits to spend on approved multimedia resources and schools can now apply those credits toward the purchase of Garritan Personal Orchestra!

    GPO has been certified suitable for UK National Curriculum in schools at Key Stage 3 (secondary school) and above, GCSE, A Level and into higher education related courses.

    This effectively makes GPO available to over 250,000 students in the UK. GPO is certified as being directly relevant to the music curriculum they are being taught. The UK Government has a special program to transform education by improving access to multimedia resources for all pupils. To help bring about this aim, the Government as set aside substantial funds in the form of ‘eLearning Credits’ which goes straight to all schools to spend on approved multimedia resources. Every school in the UK is entitled to these credits which can now go toward the purchase of Garritan Personal Orchestra! This is particularly helpful to schools who couldn't otherwise afford an orchestral library as a learning tool for their students.

    Joel Heatley of Time+Space Distribution stated, “Government funded schools can now start to purchase our products using eLearning Credits. We’re delighted that the first orchestral product to be passed eligible is the UK academic version of Garritan Personal Orchestra.”

    It is a difficult and arduous process to obtain this approval and took over a year to obtain certification. Many thanks to Time+Space, particularly their Education Co-ordinator Joel Heatley and Education Consultant Mark Mumford, that made this happen.

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    Thumbs up Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    This is great, Gary. Congratulations to you and to the music students in the UK that can take advantage of this great opportunity!
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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    That's near to be a standard!

    Who go ahead with this idea, you or the government?
    maybe i can start a campaign for my government accept it like standard use in musics schools. The problem is that they dont have computers yet

    Congratulations, your hard work is being prize! Dont forget us when you receive the "Sir" title from the queen

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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    Are you going to send a couple of free copies to Prince Harry and Prince William?

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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    Sherman, let's set the way back machine for one year ago!!

    Hey look, it's Gary Garritan, maker of that Personal Orchestra thing, right?

    You are correct Shermann!

    What's he saying?

    Gary: "I've just negiotiated a contract with the Berkley School of Music. HEE HEE HEE! Today Berkley, tomorrow...

    ...THE WORLD!!!!!!!!"

    Sorry, insomnia will do that to a person, right Joseph! Truely amazing Gary. I'm glad to see that you are getting the response and cretid that you and your wonderful team deserve!!

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

    "The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead." - Igor Stravinsky

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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    Bloody brilliant, wot!!

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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    That's great news! I'm sure it will get many students interested in music!

    I hope educators use it effectively . . . I did a research paper on computer use in the classroom (in America) and learned some rather unfortunate things . . . however I don't think you can go wrong with GPO!
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    Re: GPO Approved by the UK

    Congratulations Gary,

    For some time I have been singing the praises of GPO to my friends in education. (Well not strictly 'singing' that would have certainly put them off!). I have now sent this link round to quite a few people to try and get them to realise the amazing possibilities that GPO could offer them. I think it justifies all of the good things I have been telling them.

    Well Done and thanks on behalf of the UK!


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