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Topic: Experiment Phase 2!!!

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    Experiment Phase 2!!!

    Here we go!! The violinist cam in today and had less than an hour to sight-read and play this. As a result I let a couple little things go that maybe I shouldn't have but I don't think it matters in the long run. As you can see (hear) the credibilty that just two tracks of a real violin give to the whole string sound is (IMO) amazing. We could stop here and I'd be thrilled. Tomorrow we'll do real cello.

    In this mix we added acoustic guitar and I left out the vocal in order to hear the strings. (Also, it only comes in where the strings do.) we didn't have her play second violin- that part was doubled by one of the Gagli patches from GPO and it blends superbly. Before anyone says anything- I know there are timing issues. Adding a real player made me really aware of how behind the beat the GOS strings were in spots. I shifted some things around but I think the cure was worse than the disease. So I plan to put it all back but in this mix things are off a bit. I'll keep working on that aspect of it...
    Also- still no bass guitar

    I'm learning a TON about how to approach this in the future. For instance, I think I'll make the barest scratch track, do the real strings first and then play my parts to them.

    Anyway, 90% of what you hear here is Garritan strings. Anywhere the real thing is off I'll just drop it and you won't even miss it. But I think the whole illusion of reality and a big orchestra is going to go over by taking this approach. Gary, you have made our dreams of an orchestra come true!!

    So here's the file (remember, it's still not finished by a long shot...)


    (Oh, another note- the piano in this mix is PMI's Old Lady. It came today and I had to try it out! I like it but I think the sound of the GPO piano makes it blend better for this... we'll see!)

    (Note 2- I've just listened to this a couple times after being away from it and then listened to the original and it's clear that the real strings will barely need to be in the mix at all to do what they have to do and not step on the ensemble feel of the programmed strings...)

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    Re: Experiment Phase 2!!!


    Nice! Beautiful sound. You did a superb job with this. I love the lush, thick sound that you achieved.


    Larry A.

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    Re: Experiment Phase 2!!!

    Thanks Larry! We're till working on it- I'm posting updates as we do them just for fun. The final version will be up next week but the string sound is almost locked in. Who needs orchestras? (Well, we'd love one but this makes a great substitue)

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