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Topic: For a dying freind, please help me. NO JOKE

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    For a dying freind, please help me. NO JOKE

    I was referd from many boarrds that i have posted this on , and i was told if anybody woudl no it woudl be somebody here, as you guys were called the experts. I hope and pray you can help me on this.

    Can some body please tell me who does this song and who compsed it. A freind of mine has cancer and she always loved this song. It was on a old video i had she never new who compsed it or the name of it. She has always like d this song and it woudl mean a great deal to her and me for me to be able totell her this information and to be able to get ther this song. If i can just find out then i can go buy it. The recording is not that great i just put a mic up to the tv to record it. Thanks again. If you wnat to e-mail me with this information also please send it to WLAHC1@YAHOO.COM This is problably the wrong fourm for this but i figured if anybody woudl know you people would. I thank you all in advance. The video i got it off of was from an old sports illustraded video with jothan winters. It was in a section called "masterpunt theater" the sencod part of it. its basically football bloopers tape, that they gave out years ago for a subscription. they do master punt theater and show people dropping passes and stuff, then jon talks and says in the second part things are goign better for the players there not dropping things like they were, and then he says now for the last half, and that is when they play this pieace. I hope this helps. I have told her parents of all of you trying to help, and they thank you very much and you are all in there prayers. I have been trying to find out my self, but talking to her takes up so much time. But i apperaice you all helping out though thank you very much, i hope someoby can find this for me, well really for her. thank you all and goodluck, you are in my prayers also. i checked outthe video the copyright on the video, its 1987 if this helps anybody, copy right 1987 foxhills video. i hope this helps thanks guys, and gals.

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    Re: For a dying freind, please help me. NO JOKE

    My guess would be that it's an original cue scored for picture in a Handel-esque style. (Almost) definitely not a "real" baroque era piece.

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    Re: For a dying freind, please help me. NO JOKE

    I thought it was Purcell for the first couple of bars then it went hollywood into almost a Western style.....sorry can't help!


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    Re: For a dying freind, please help me. NO JOKE

    You said it was an old Sports Illustrated blooper reel. Probably a canned library. Check the production houses - sorry, I don't know the names of the houses, but somebody here may.

    Just an idea, HTH.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: For a dying freind, please help me. NO JOKE

    hmm. I've also tried to find it without much luck so far I'm afraid. The only thing I found out was that the video is called "NFL TV Follies". Don't know if that'll be of any help to someone else?

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    Re: For a dying freind, please help me. NO JOKE


    Maybe try viewing the end-credits on the video and see if you can find producer listed or music supervisor. Then google their names for avenues of contacting them. They might know which canned library was used. You can also google nbc follies and see if you can find production crew that way if you don't have the entire video with credits.

    Good luck,

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