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Topic: Kontakt Newbie--using piano libraries

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    Kontakt Newbie--using piano libraries

    I have just switched to using Kontakt instead of Giga for piano sounds. When I load a piano like Old Lady, do I just load the final compressed file or do I load all the separate ones labelled release, 12note up, etc.? When I play just the compressed final, it sounds and plays as if the velocity is 1 or 2 samples only and the quality is not up to the demos. What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: Kontakt Newbie--using piano libraries

    How did you convert the file?

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    Re: Kontakt Newbie--using piano libraries

    I did a batch convert within Kontakt.

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    Re: Kontakt Newbie--using piano libraries

    I just tried Old Lady in kontakt and it may not be perfect but it`s all there.
    When doing the the giga convert inside Kontakt, I went into "old lady final compressed" and highlighted both the Programs and the Samples folder and then did the convert.
    Then just load in "Old Lady final 2.nki" from the folder that u converted it to. You should see 16 groups inthe mapping editor (it will say 18 but i think 2 are dummy groups....not sure why this is).
    The i think you can load in the Lady release.nki on its own channel as well but again ,I`m not noticing much of an effect using that patch..hope this helps..Rich

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    Re: Kontakt Newbie--using piano libraries

    I did not do it that way...........let me try that and post back.

    Thanks Rich..............

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    Re: Kontakt Newbie--using piano libraries

    When I try to load the piano samples the way you described it starts and then I get an error message from Kontakt. If I do it from within Sonar3 then it says Sonar must shut down,,,,,,,,,,If I do it from the Kontakt standalone player then it says Kontakt must shut down. So it never completes the conversion.

    What should I do?

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