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Topic: GPO Piano in VST player

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    GPO Piano in VST player

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Hopkins
    Be sure to place threads concerned with problems in the Support section. That's where I'm most likely to notice them. Tom
    I tried using GPO Piano lately and found an annoying VST player's behavior. If Sustain pedal is on (CC64=127) player doesn't react on Stop of play - notes stuck. Option "Zero Controllers When Play Stops" in Sonar 3.11 is checked. Transport-Reset command does stop notes from playing. The same happens in Traction.
    Is it a known issue?
    DXi works perfectly well.

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    Re: GPO Piano in VST player

    I've got good news and bad news. I'll let you figure out which is which. First of all, I was able to duplicate your results exactly as you described them using Sonar 3.11. I don't have Traction installed to test but I do have others and I found that Sonar 4 did not have the problem. Neither did CubaseSX2. Both of these handle "stop" commands without stuck notes. They also handle restarts correctly by reading the state of the pedal at the restart point. That doesn't help you much with Sonar 3 but it does show that it isn't an intrinsic problem with the player, at least not in all sequencers. I'm not sure what Cakewalk changed in Sonar 4 but it appears to have fixed the problem, at least on my system.


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    Re: GPO Piano in VST player

    Thank you, Tom!

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