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Topic: HELP, vota in hallion??

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    Angry HELP, vota in hallion??

    Hello Guys, can anyone help me?
    I can only load staccatos and shouts into Hallion and i cannot load any vowels or constanants. The key appears in the keyzone but no sample comes through, i have re installed twice but still no luck.
    I dont however use the word building utility yet, i have been told it is not essential. can anyone help ive had the damn thing 9 months

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    Exclamation Re: HELP, vota in hallion??

    It looks like no one representing Steinberg/HALion is stopping by anymore. I suggest you try posting your query on the main "cubase.net.forums" here: http://forum.cubase.net/cgi-bin/cubase.net/Ultimate.cgi

    (I'm not sure WHY Steinberg would set up a Forum here and then not attend to it.)


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    Re: HELP, vota in hallion??

    Thanks for your reply kevin and thanks for the advice.
    I too am suprised no one from steinberg has helped????

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