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Topic: Cannot set NEMETYPE filter?

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    Cannot set NEMETYPE filter?

    Looked around the forums here, but didn't see any previous postings about this. I just started to get this error message while trying to update my quicksound database. Usually happens after selecting several folders in the advanced settings and then hitting the save button. I get this error and sometimes another that says ERROR SETTING GIG FILTER. after I click ok on the error boxes, it seems to let me load the folders as usual.
    If anyone knows what is going on, I would appreciate the help.



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    Re: Cannot set NEMETYPE filter?

    HI there,
    I'm getting that error message too. Did you find a solution?


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    Re: Cannot set NEMETYPE filter?

    This question is for both of you: when you had set up and saved your advanced folders, what was typed into the Search box?

    If you remove all the advanced folders and just use C:\GIGS or whatever your default was, does GigaStudio run without errors? If yes, then add one folder at a time or/and move all your .GIG and related instrument files, then test to see if the error comes back. (Maybe you can isolate some kind of bad file/folder.)

    If the above doesn't help, and nobody seems to know, I recommend that you
    fully uninstall/reinstall, reboot, then recreate the same conditions. As soon as the error appears, take a full-size screenshot (by pressing SHIFT-PRINTSCRN on your keyboard) and upload it here. If you can, try to arrange the windows such that we can see your various settings, both in the main application view as well as the various Preferences/Options pop-ups. Or, be extra considerate and take multiple screenshots, so we can really see what you see and try again. A picture is worth a thousand words...
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    Re: Cannot set NEMETYPE filter?

    I've been getting this error message for ever.
    It doesn't matter in my experience.
    In my opinion ...
    It's just a bug the same as the check box ( that never works ) that says
    "don't show this message again" when rebuilding the data base.

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