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Topic: when will a chior be added to GPO?

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    between this place and that place

    when will a chior be added to GPO?

    I remember seeing talk of this sometime in the year, is this in the works.
    GPO needs a choir! A full Chior add on would kick ~~~!
    I am new hear so if this has been discussed to death forgive me

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    Re: when will a chior be added to GPO?

    There was some talk about a collaboration between Garritan and BelaDMedia on a choir library, but that idea seems to have fizzled. BelaDMedia is continuing with the Voci Choir collection on their own.
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    Re: when will a chior be added to GPO?

    It's on its way, have no fear . . . but be patient! It's worth it.
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    Re: when will a chior be added to GPO?

    I for one will welcome it with open arms
    though I think the jazz and rock guys want to
    see more of their instrument samples first.

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