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Topic: Plastic roll-up piano with midi

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    Rubber roll-up piano with midi

    This is a real product, with midi and a headphone jack. Probably not velocity sensitive, though:


    The US company's address:


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    Re: Plastic roll-up piano with midi

    If there is 88key version, I will buy it in a second.
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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    Re: Plastic roll-up piano with midi

    Only 61 keys, for now, and I'm pretty sure there's no velocity sensitivity. Apparently it's rubber, not plastic. (My mistake.) There's an older version,too, that's much cheaper, but doesn't have midi capabilities. Too bad there's no velocity sensitivity. Might be useful with it--carry it around to edit samples on a notebook, etc. Would feel terrible of course.

    More info:


    Here's a review of the OLDER one, which DOESN'T have midi, and sells for $130 or so and is dual-mono.


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    Re: Plastic roll-up piano with midi

    (I posted this jokingly, originally, but as I consider this keyboard, I can imagine uses for it if you didn't want to lug a full keyboard around or wanted this to sit on top of a real keyboard: triggering sequences on a notebook, triggering sound effects playing some pads or organs, with one hand, while doing other things on the main keyboard, letting your cat walk across it...)

    And I guess you could create a John Cage prepared rubber piano if you took along paper clips and a bike chain?

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    Re: Plastic roll-up piano with midi

    Not to mention you can wrap your girlfriend in it and make beautiful music together!!

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    Re: Plastic roll-up piano with midi

    There is a major drawback when you don't have a flat surface to put it under. I bought a roll up keyboard and found the only advantage is storing it.

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    Re: Plastic roll-up piano with midi

    I wonder if it has a weighted action?

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