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Topic: A Christmas organ piece

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    A Christmas organ piece

    I just remembered this voluntary, which I composed exactly 50 years ago.
    I have sequenced it using the GPO Organ, tweaking the stops as I described in my tutorial, to get a fuller range of sounds.

    It is called Postlude on Adeste Fideles, and is a fantasia on "O come all ye faithful".

    I hope you like it; I used to have fun playing it in the old days.


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    Re: A Christmas organ piece

    I'm sitting right behind you in the church Terry. It sounds very realistic/magnifiicent to me. Interesting composition; the way it keeps skirting away from the main theme in almost a modern jazz, discord variation type of way and then returning to the central theme.....you hear everything here eventually!!

    I never linked you with the tutorial but thanks for sharing that effort. The GPO organ, as I said, always sounds very realistic indeed to my undeducated ears, but as an organist how would you place it in the realism stakes?

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    Re: A Christmas organ piece


    The honest answer is that, although its sounds are very realistic, the palette of sounds offered is very restricted and of very limited usefulness to an organist.

    Gary is aware of the shortcomings and I believe is planning something better for the future.


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