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Topic: Kerik out!

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    Kerik out!

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    Bernard Kerik is out. do you think we can have someone that at least graduated high school this time? hey college would be great!

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    Re: Kerik out!

    When did this happen?
    I was living in NY post Guiliani and thought, ' please don't be a tyran'

    Did he get fired or somthing?


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    Re: Kerik out!

    Is it true that he didn't finish high school?

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    Re: Kerik out!

    The same ridiculous bull~~~~ happened with a couple of Clinton appointees ("nannygate"), and it's a really bad trend independent of Kerik. We have a big problem with high-caliber people not wanting to go anywhere near public office - hence the recent choice between a dip~~~~ moron and a mediocre politician for President - and this is why.

    Can you imagine if everyone who hired a nanny were to be disqualified from applying for a job? I wouldn't be able to work, that's for sure.

    You have to be ridiculously rich to hire them legally. It costs 11% extra + they have to pay income tax. Very few people do that.

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    Re: Kerik out!

    he got a GED. I would think a college degree would be nice for a senior level cabinet position.
    I think the "nanny-gate" thing is bull. he probably had all kinds of dirt from his past but needed a out. just speculation.

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