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Topic: Question For Dell Users

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    Question Question For Dell Users

    I am going to purchase a new computer this February and I was wondering who here has purchased a Dell and morphed it into a Giga Machine? What are your specs? How is it working? I may simply purchase a computer from a store specializing in Giga Computers but that would obviously be a lot more expensive. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    If you do this, also buy a real copy of Windows on the same trip. Use that instead of the Dell installer disk that installs a bunch of needless junk.

    Also, be cool with the fact that any mass producer of PCs uses the cheapest components to hit a consumer price point, not the top shelf stuff most here would recommend for an audio machine.

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    Studio A and B are powered by Dells. No problems to report.
    They run silent and fast!


    1 Dell w/p4 2.5 and 512 Ram.
    17 inch flat screen.
    2 USB 2.0 80 Gig 7200 HD's (Giga samples)
    Tascam US -428 for control and Giga sound card.
    GigaStudio 160


    2 Dells w/p4 2.5 and 1 Gig Ram.
    2 - 17 inch flat screen monitors set to landscape mode.
    2 firewire 120 Gig HD (1 for audio/1 for video)

    5.1 audio and video set up:

    Creative platinum audigy and Sound Foundry Vegas 4.0
    Sony digital cam
    Sony 27 inch flat screen TV (acts as monitor 3 or video playback only)
    JBL 5.1 speakers (200watt sub)

    Audio Setup:

    Digi 002 w/ProTools LE and bundle.

    Behringer EuroDesk mx 9000
    Behringer Truth studio monitors
    Various tube mics
    dbx compressor (x2)
    Geddy Lee signature bass (black)
    Ovation 6 string (black)




    Yadda yadda yadda

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    You cracked me up with this one (last line), Lee...

    Actually I don't agree that a Dell with 512MB RAM is a good Giga solution (not because it's a Dell), and the screen will not matter at all - Giga will run with almost every computer screen... And if RAID is really needed - I still think two seperate drives loaded intellegent with your sampels will serve you as well. Video card around $100 is already very good one for me, I'd just pay attention it is capable of digital DVI (if you ever want to plug a digital flat screen). The specs and costs of Lee's suggestions are top notch... I always buy the best per percentage... personal philosophy though (and go cheaper with that because I update PCs just as regular as those who always need the fanciest parts around...)

    2 cents from me,

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    I completely agree with Lee. Dells are fine for general office computers, or for those who never need to go 'under the hood'. But for a specialized DAW or server system, you're better off hand-selecting the best components for the job and building it yourself. One of my beefs with Dell is that they don't specify what's in their systems to any real level of detail, so you never really know exactly what you're getting. Indeed, Dell probably changes internal components almost daily based on what they can get for the best price.

    Against my advice, a friend recently bought a Dell to make into a DAW. Upon opening the case, we discovered that we could not install a second hard drive without a custom bracket from Dell. Even though he knew exactly what bracket to order (since the original hard drive was attached with the same bracket and had a Dell part number), after at least six phone calls to Dell my friend is still unable to get another bracket. Phone responses varied from 'you must have the wrong part number' to 'we don't sell that', etc. We finally installed the second hard drive with duct tape! I could tell more Dell upgrade stories, but you get the idea.

    Anyway if you buy a Dell, it pretty much is what it is. Keep in mind that later upgrades may not be straightforward, or even possible.


    - Steve

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    If you want to upgrade and are not scared of computers, stay far away from dell, compaq, etc. These computers become a struggle more often than not. You could build a computer with top of the line parts for less than the cost of the dell with the same stats. Computers are often scary to some people. Here is my general rule of thinking:

    If you can build ANYTHING with LEGOs, then you can put together a computer. Just ask some people here what to order (or call a sales rep up at Newegg) to order the parts, and then put it together. You will be much happier in the long run.

    However, if you see a computer as comletely disposable/non-upgradeable, then go buy a prepackaged one and know it is not going to always run as smoothly as one that you could have built.

    (This post was not intended to sound negative - sorry if it came off that way)
    Jonathan Kerr
    J.Kerr Music, Inc

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    I own three Dell servers (PowerEdge) and a Latitude laptop and use them all as DAWS. All of the PCs are from Dell Small Biz. For about $300 you can get a 2.8 GHz P4, 256 MB RAM (buy an extra gig but not from Dell), 80 GB SATA drive, CD-ROM, Gbit Lan, with no OS, monitor, or KB. I run mostly Sonar and GS2&GS3 and have no system conflicts and good system performance. What I like about these systems is 1) they are made to be loaded up with HDs since they are servers and hence have strong power supplies, good cooling and good/easy mechanics for swaping them. One of my servers has 6 IDE channels. 2) I am not paying for a monitor/KB/mouse for every PC since I use one set of these with a KVM switch. 3) They don't come with any SW installed, so you can install XP yourself, clean, and only load the applications you want for your DAWS. I have found these servers to be very dependable though they do come with a 3 year full replacement warranty (part of the price). With Dell, you do have 30 days to return the product if you don't like it. I used to build my own, and I recommend the experience to anyone, but it's just too easy and inexpensive to do it this way, especially since they don't have compatability problems with GigaStudio.

    Deals change every week or so at Dell so they are worth watching for a couple of weeks.
    Craig Duke

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    I'm also using 2 Dell Systems. A Dimension P4 desktop and laptop P4. THe desktop runs the following:

    Sonar 4 Studio
    Gigastudio 3.03 Orchestra
    EWQLSO Silver Ed. (soon to be Pro)
    Edirol Super Quartet
    Spectrasonics Atmospheres
    HALion String Edition

    The laptop mostly runs

    Gigastudio 3.03 Solo
    Finale 2003
    EWQLSO Silver

    Other than HALion being a bit volatile now and again (even with a gig of ram) everything works pretty darn well.

    I had a computer built for music back in 1999 and it was running Windows 98SE. That was the biggest piece of **** I ever had to deal with. Driver conflicts, expansion limitations, buggy as hell. The Dell's I own are much less of a headache, at least for me.

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    Haha, why is it that EVERYONE recommends Pentium. Intel even admitted in a few CNN articles that AMD is killing them, not necessarily in sales, but in terms of technology and advancement (yes, Intel always had the better marketing strategies). I had to add that.

    If you gave me the choice between a P4 3.4ghz Extreme, or a AMD 64 3500+....AMD all the way. No debate, and it's cheaper. It's also sad, that one of the most powerful processors available...the FX-55 is still $300 cheaper than the P4 3.4ghz Extreme. Pretty sad. They don't even compare. I guess I should go buy Oakley Sunglasses too. It's cool to pay for a name!

    BTW...yes, build your own machine, or buy from specialized DAW companies (which is more expensive). Those are the only options I would consider.

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    Re: Question For Dell Users

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    On this forum, one reason might be that Tascam states that GS 3 is optimized for Intel P4.

    Lee Blaske
    True. But then again, a toilet is optimized for crap.

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