I was following the tip of one of the helpful people here at the GPO forums in which one can squeeze more performance out of Finale/GPO on a Mac by lowering the sample rate in GPO Studio. I am very happy with the way that allows me to use GPO with some of the more demanding pieces that I have in Finale format.

The question is stated in the subject line: when I make this sample rate change in GPO Studio, is that globally applied? For instance (no pun intended), when I load an instance of GPO in Digital Performer, will it also be at the lower sample rate set in GPO Studio? (This would seem to be a great way to squeeze more performance out during the compositional process, then switch back to higher sample rates when doing the actual recording.)

I still get confused at times over how all this sample rate stuff works as one moves from program to program.

Thanks for your help,
Brad Pearson
THG Music
Spokane WA