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Topic: Piano for the vintage Rlnd XV-5080

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    Piano for the vintage Rlnd XV-5080

    I realize nobody uses hardware synths anymoe but although I have a setup that includes 2 fast PCs, I prefer to use the piano in my Roland XV-5080. It never chokes up, the latency is undetectable, and it frees up my PCs to do all the EWLQSO Plat work.

    I've never cared for either the stock piano or the piano from the SRX expander chip. I've been using a nice Steinway that sounds pretty good and uses only 8 megs believe it or not.

    With all the great new pianos recorded in the last couple of years, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a really good piano that is Roland compatible and is a max of 128 meg.

    I have a friend who actually recorded the C7 piano that's on the new Phantom keyboard, but he didn't think they were going to put it out as an XV-5080 compatible piano.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Re: Piano for the vintage Rlnd XV-5080

    William Coakley all the way.
    His pianos still hold up against the big gigga libs but don't take up much ram at all.

    They are expensive though.

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