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Topic: Sustain+Short

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    How do I obtain short bow sounds within the sustain+short section violins please? I've spent a few hours in the forums without spotting the solution so my apologies if I've missed a similar posting or documentation on the site.

    I've experimented with various controllers including cc64/Sustain but haven't managed to produce the Short sound which presumably should match that in the Short Bows section srings.

    Many thanks for any guidance you can give.

    Kevin Lucas

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    Re: Sustain+Short

    Boy, this sounds like an obvious question, but why not just use the Short Bows? Or is it that you want to use the Short Bows and also double up the sound with something else?

    Otherwise, try bringing the Length knob way down. That may do the trick.

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    Re: Sustain+Short

    I was under the impression that the patch mimcs both sounds. So, in essence, all you do is play the part in the way you want (such as short or long) and the patch will emulate the "best of both worlds" sound. You would not need the additional patch for short bows.
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