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Topic: Anyone else seen Hero?

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    Anyone else seen Hero?

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    Just wondering what you thought of Tan Dun's soundtrack. It reminded me a lot of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon which he also did the score for. Not necessarily a bad thing since I am very fond of that movie and its score as well. I wonder what role Quinten Tarentino had in the film. Localization?

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    Re: Anyone else seen Hero?

    I enjoyed the score, but I think I liked the Crouching Tiger score a bit more. It seemed more developed. This one actually seemed a bit like a sub-set of the Crouching Tiger score, IMHO.

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    Re: Anyone else seen Hero?

    You're right. I do feel that Crouching Tiger was better developed in more ways than just the score. Some of the 'battle' type score moments had me wondering since it didn't seem to fit the feel of the rest of the film (instrument wise.)

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