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Topic: Need some advice on 19" rack-cases ...

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    Need some advice on 19" rack-cases ...

    hi together,

    i am looking for some cool advice for 19" racks. nothing inside because i want to bring my own stuff in there. i just need some good advice on a very quiet and affordable 19" rack-case.

    since i don't have money for VisionDAW i need to build my own stuff )

    any suggestions ?

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    Re: Need some advice on 19" rack-cases ...

    I have several of these Skyhawk IPC-4032BK cases:


    I think they're nice and inexpensive. There are 3 exposed 5.25" bays, 1 exposed 3.5" bay, and 2 (may be 3 if you squeeze things) internal 3.5" bays. The switch/LED configuration is sort of strange- the two red reset switches are labelled 'system 1' and 'system 2', and the LEDs are labelled 'power', 'HDD 1' and 'HDD 2'. (None of the above is very clear from Skyhawk's website or drawings). Skyhawk also makes this model in aluminum at extra cost, which may dissipate heat better. Check pricewatch.com for prices and vendors.

    I do not recommend a fanless power supply, but something like an Antec Truepower is fine. The 12cm fan behind the left front panel is fairly noisy, but you may not need to plug it in if your system runs cool enough. If you do need it, replace it with a 11 dB silenx fan. The internal 80cm fans are quiet enough as is. I'd also recommend a pair of rack rails and bracket set so you can slide the case in and out of your rack, in which case you'll need 1 each of these:


    Hope this helps,

    - Steve

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    Re: Need some advice on 19" rack-cases ...

    What other cases do people recommend? I've also been looking at building a 4U case when I get the cash (not enough money to buy an already made one, plus I like building my own computers).

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    Re: Need some advice on 19" rack-cases ...

    I'm currently using three antec 4u22atx cases.
    They are quite cheap for rack cases although nowhere near as quiet as the Sonata that I had, so I did find myself spending a bit more on better/quieter cooling for the CPU, a fan or two etc.

    SO I replaced the 12cm fan at the front, and also the 2 at the back, put a zalman cnps 7000b on the cpu's and am now looking for hard drive cooling.silencing solutions. This is because I am rentind and cannot get air conditioning here. Otherwise they'd be fine without most of those fans I suppose.


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    Re: Need some advice on 19" rack-cases ...

    okay, thx so far for your opinions.
    i found another one which is actually not a rack but a hifi desktop solution and looks pretty cool


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