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Topic: For Sale - Film Music Network CDs & Video Game Music Directory

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    For Sale - Film Music Network CDs & Video Game Music Directory

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    These are the Original CDs (no copies)

    All CD's $4 each

    - An Evening with Composer Elliot Goldenthal

    - Film Music Agent Jeff Kaufman (2 CD Set)

    - An Evening with Composer Mark Isham

    - Everything You Need to Know to Work with Music Libraries (2 CD Set)

    - Direct Licensing for Performance Royalties (2 CD Set)

    - Music for Video Games - Composing and Licensing Music for Video Games (2 CD Set)

    - Film Scoring Master Class with Jack Smalley (2 CD Set)

    - Scoring for Television

    - An Evening with Composer George S. Clinton

    - An Evening with Composer Christopher Young (2 CD Set)

    - An Evening with Composer Larry Groupe

    - An Evening with Composer and Author Jeff Rona

    - Multimedia Composing with Tommy tellarico (2 CD Set)

    - Film & TV Music Publishing 101

    - Music Supervision (2 CD Set)

    - Songs & Score in Film

    - Music Licensing on the Internet

    - Marketing and Promoting Your Music with Soundtrack Albums

    - Exploring Your Options: Composing for Advertising, Music Libraries & Multimedia (2 CD Set)

    - An Evening with Music Editor Jim Henrikson

    - An Evening with Orchestrator Scott Smalley

    - Composing Music For Video Games: Building a Career

    Shipping $2 per CD - US Only (discount avail. for 3+ CDs)

    More Information at: http://www.theindustrystore.com/doause.html

    Also available:
    Video Game Music Directory 2004 Edition - A Comprehensive Directory of Music Contacts & Resources for the Video Game Industry

    Video Game Directory - $5
    Shipping $3

    More Information at: http://www.theindustrystore.com/vigamudimuco.html


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    Re: For Sale - Film Music Network CDs & Video Game Music Directory

    Hey now Spammy Sammy!

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