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Topic: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

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    Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    Can you help me with the Midi-Utilities-for-Windows/networked midi setup?

    I've got the sequencer (and Midi Yoke and Marple Midi) on one machine. G3 on the other. A LAN between the two. Turn on the Utilities' "Daemon" on the G3 machine. I get a blank command window. I turn on the "Netmidic" on the sequencer machine, I get the command window which then disappears a second later.

    What's my mistake?



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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    I'm no mac expert -- (nor a windows expert, for that matter) -- but if the netmidic client connects correctly to the netmidid server, then windows task manager should show it running. If it fails for some reason (usually failure to connect, because of bad computer name lookup, or bad ip address, or firewalled port number) then it will not keep running.

    A simple dos batch file can start each end. This is not exactly how I do it, because I use unix/linux command windows, but it should work:

    a batch file called 'runclient.bat' contains one line (for one midi port):

    netmidic.exe --in 0 --hostname mygigastudio_computer_name --port 5555

    If your windows PATH environment does not include the folder/directory where netmidic.exe lives, then you could put a full path name in the line above, "C:\progra~1\midi-utilities-for-windows\netmidic.exe".

    Start the demon (server) first: netmidid.exe --out 0 --port 5555

    The IN (client side) and OUT (server side) midi ports have to be correct for your system: the OUT will be the numeric reference to one of the gigastudio ports, while the IN will be the numeric reference to the Maple Midi port IN on the client (sequencer) computer. Get a numeric list of your midi ports using lsmidiins.exe and lsmidiouts.exe, also part of the utilies.

    Ask again if any of this is not clear!

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    Sorry, I'm not really clear on this. Is this what you're saying:

    On the Server (G3) computer, run netmidid.exe. Then in the command window type " --out (G3 port) -- port 5555"

    On the Client (sequencer) computer, run netmidic.exe. Then in the command window type "--in (Maple port or Yoke port)--(host computer name)--port 5555"

    Is that right? Is that the right format?

    Signed, Confused and Bewildered.

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    Peter, the parameters have to be entered at the same time as the command name -- there is no 'human interface' to these programs. You can make a shortcut in windows which includes the parameters: right click on the desktop, select 'new -- shortcut' from the mouse menu, then in the command line space put the entire line:

    netmidic.exe --in 0 --hostname mygigastudio_computer_name --port 5555

    or type that line, using a text editor (notepad) into a batch file.

    On the mac, don't know how to run a program with parameters, but it is probably possible ... on unix, it would be just the same as above, the program name followed on one line by any appropriate parameters.

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    OK, I'm getting close to understanding, but I'm not quite there.

    Both my machines are PCs.

    You wrote:

    "You can make a shortcut in windows which includes the parameters: right click on the desktop, select 'new -- shortcut' from the mouse menu, then in the command line space put the entire line:"

    What is the 'command line' space? You don't mean the 'location' of the shortcut?

    You wrote:

    "netmidic.exe --in 0 --hostname mygigastudio_computer_name --port 5555"

    Do you mean:

    netmidic.exe--in 0 --hostcomputername gigastudiocomputername--port 5555

    Do I always use "port 5555"?

    Sorry I'm slow about these things. I was born that way.

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    I'm a little slow too ... somehow I thought you were connecting a mac to a pc. And the windows shortcut method doesn't seem to work correctly, when I tested it! But a batch file works fine.

    Use notepad, edit a file with the one line command. (The word "hostname" is a required parameter, following that is the computer name of your other computer, the one with gs3 on it). Set a shortcut to THAT batch file, then it should run and stay running if a tcp connection is made successfully.

    The file midi_client.bat should contain one line:

    C:\PROGRA~1\midi-u~1\netmidic.exe --in 0 --hostname gs3computer --port 5555

    You can use a batch file for the server (gs3) side too. The following uses 8-character dos-style abbreviations for long windows folder names:

    The file midi_server.bat should contain one line too:

    C:\PROGRA~1\midi-u~1\netmidid.exe --out 0 --port 5555

    Ports can be any number, don't remember where that 5555 came from, but it is in the 'free-for-anyone' range of tcp ports and works for me. As long as no firewall blocks it and no other ip service uses it.

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    So, if you want more than one port, do you run a separate batch file for each connection...or do you put multiple lines (in the same form you have here) in the same batch file for each port?

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    To run 12 ports from my current sequencing machine to 8 and 4 ports on two other computers, I have 12 single-line files, called one after another from a single command file with 12 lines. (Client side)

    On each server, there are 8 and 4 single-line files called one after another from a command file with 8 and 4 lines respectively.

    I start the command files with three-letter names from a 'shell' program: double click the shell program on the desktop, type 'nds' (my own abbreviation, "NetmidiDaemonS"). THe command file 'nds' calls nd1, nd2, ...nd12.

    Now, how do you put 12 command lines in a batch file to start 12 different processes without waiting for the first one to complete before starting the second one??? Perhaps someone knows how to do this in dos?? Because I use unix command line utililies ("Mks toolkit" for windows") it is just an ampersand after each command line. But I'm pretty sure there is a way in DOS batch files too. Anyone else?

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    My computers don't seem to like what I've done.

    This: C:\PROGRA~1\midi-u~1\netmidid.exe --out 1 --port 5555

    Produces this: "'C:\PROGRA~1\midi-u~1\netmidid.exe --out 1 --port 5555' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"

    The path's correct. The program is the .exe I got from the site. The .bat file is what you see above.

    I get the same response with the netmidic batch file.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again, Peter.

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    Re: Guglielmo...about midi connections...

    I used MY path name on windows -- if you put the utilities somewhere else, you need to use YOUR path name, including drive letter. And occasionally the DOS compression ("~1") results in a mistake if something else starts with the same 6 letters. Check your path!

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