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Topic: Giga 3 in NYC ???

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    Giga 3 in NYC ???

    I live about 25 miles or so north of NYC and I'm sitting here stareing at my wooden box with Giga 3 inside !!....I'm a newbie to Giga, and just had a PC made for me for Giga ....I'm so scared to screw this computer up that I still have not attempted to load it ... I put my sound card in , and now have no choices in my sounds control panel, and I don't know what I did wrong, and can't figure it out, and I am appauled by B. Gates charging to help you work with HIS O. S. ..... Is there anybody out there that is in my area that can help me get this software loaded ? ... I will be happy to pay anyone that really knows what they are doing with Giga 3 , and has a good understanding of PC ....I just don't want to screw this up and have to wonder what went wrong....I have waited for YEAR'S to set up a Giga computer....This technology does not come easy to me .....Thanks in advance for your help on this matter...It's truely appreciated ...Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???

    synthnut, there are many people who pass through this forum who could help you, step at a time, online, if you haven't found anyone in person. Be brave! Take the first steps, then try to eliminate possibilities and extra complications in problem solving. Give specific details where possible, like sound card type and settings. You'll like gigastudio eventually, I feel sure.

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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???


    Exactly where are you in the installation process?

    With a brand new computer with a freshly loaded Operating System, you really don't have "anything to fear".

    You have installed your soundcard (audio interface) drivers, yes? Any physical hardware needs "device drivers" that allow it to "talk" to the Operating System correctly. Some hardware uses "generic" Microsoft drivers that are available as part of the Operating System. However, most "specialized" devices like video and audio cards require specially written drivers created by the manufacturer.

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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???

    I've got my sound card in , and device drivers loaded....It's the new Gina 3G
    card, and it came with Mackie Tracktion which I also loaded in ....It's working at least in 16 bit mode... Since loading this software and drivers, when I now go to my "Sounds and Audio Devices" area in the Control Panel , the sections for Volume, Audio, and Voice are NOT adjustable any more ....They are greyed out since I chose Gina 3G as the default .. I now can NOT play any Cd's or DVD's as Windows tells me that I have no sound card !!...This doesn't make any sense to me .... I can record in Tracktion just fine, and play back just fine, and everything shows up in the "Hardware" portion of the Sounds and Audio area , but the rest is greyed out ...

    I have not attempted to load Giga 3 as I still have not figured out why I lost all my other settings to the "greyed out " area's ..... I went to Google Groups and there are a lot of others with the same problem, but I have no answer ??
    I posted on this board and other boards to no avail .... Some answers I'm getting are " just be happy that Tracktion works " ....I'm just afraid that if I load Giga, that I will have NO OPTIONS as to where I want the sound to go...
    I've never experienced this before with my Mac.....Nothing get's "greyed out" and I have always had choices ...This is what has stopped me from trying to install Giga.....and with the lack of support from Tascam, I'm even MORE worried than ever....You guys who are familiar with PC can figure things out , just like I can on my Mac, but being a newbie, and after waiting so long to have this setup, I just don't want to screw it up ...Thanks for understanding what I'm going thru....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???


    You will probably need to open the Gina 3G control panel. It's probably in the Start menu under Programs -> Echo. Make sure that you have at least some of the outputs un-muted and configured as WDM. I own the Echo MIA, which has a different driver, so the details may not be the same.

    Also, from the Control Panel, open the device manager. Check the properties of the Gina. Make sure that you can "map through this device", or something like that. Disable your on-board audio. You can probably also do that through your BIOS to really ensure that it's off.

    You may want to read the Gina manual a few times to make sure that it's set up the way you want it.

    Regarding Giga and GSIF, it's pretty invisible. You don't have to select GSIF from the Gina control panel. Giga will find the GSIF inputs directly.

    Best of luck!


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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???

    Thanks for your reply....I am already using Tracktion with the Gina , so it is working ... I'm not sure which drivers are working at this point ... I disabled the onboard sound in the BIOS which doesn't matter any way because it will not work as it will not show up in the control panel .... One thing I did notice was that when I clicked on , and checked properties of the Gina in the device manager, it showed that the drivers were NOT working, but when I clicked on the Legacy Audio Drivers ( whatever they are ?? ) it showed that there was a Gina3G Wrap driver working ...I have no idea what this means ????.....Like I said, this is all a mystery at this point.....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???


    Have you contacted EchoAudio Support or looked at their "Support, PC, Trobleshooting, WinXP" section?

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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???

    Went thru the whole site, and also called them ....They say that they have never heard of the "greying out " that I describe....I will go back to Google, and see if I can get some links to explain it better.....Sincerely, Jim

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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???

    I live in Westchester and have had alot of experience with Giga. I won't go into here, but I understand your pain. I'm in Seattle now, but I'll be in NY over the weekend. Write if you still need help.


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    Re: Giga 3 in NYC ???

    I don't know your schedule, but if we could get together that would be GREAT !!!....I'm in Rockland County ..Send me a PM with your phone number in Westchester. and I will contact you ....Thanks again, Jim

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