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Topic: Pu, Uana Julu (Remembering Gabby)

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    Pu, Uana Julu (Remembering Gabby)

    Hey there.

    Its been a while since I posted anything after I somewhat...Flipped out on everyone....sory about that...bad stuff was going on all around. Though, everything is fine now, or so I think, and its time for me to post something again. I know this is a non-GPO composition, so this is the last non-gpo composition I will ever post here.

    For those guitar buffs like me, and know anything about the greatest guitar player who ever lived, "Mr. Guitar" himself, Chet Atkins, may recognize this tune from his '96 album, Almost Alone.

    "Pu, Uana Julu (Remembering Gabby)

    Here's the MP3:

    Heres the MIDI:
    http://www.samferrara.com/pu.mid (it will sound terrible if you try to play it as a MIDI file..)

    I used Pure Guitar's Nylon Classical Guitar, its Harmonics, and its Effects, Bela D Media Scoring Noise, and the VST instrument "field". I used a free impulse for the Impulse reverb.


    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Pu, Uana Julu (Remembering Gabby)

    hi fire - cool that your cool now.
    this might raise the temperature a little:
    me no like...
    Its just a bit too much of string noise.
    How would I go about if I want a hard (not harsh) guitar sound?
    Just quick rendering without harmonics, noise etc.
    Instead of pulling hard on the strings there are other means...
    Reminds me that I used pure guitars some time ago. Therefore I know that you wanted it to sound like that. But I still think your good midi could sound "better" (to my ears).

    Looking forward to your next GPO-piece...

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    Re: Pu, Uana Julu (Remembering Gabby)


    Well, by nature, nylon string, classical guitars make a LOT of string noise. plus, if you hear the orignal, the attacks are aggressive...

    that being said...what did i do wrong?

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Pu, Uana Julu (Remembering Gabby)

    Nothing wrong as long as it sounds the way you want it...
    But you know - as a kid I spent years to learn how to play Lute and classical guitar without making noise. I guess this is where my old fashioned aversion comes from. You think I need therapy or can I wait for the time I dont hear high frequecies any more?
    have fun.

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