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Topic: who has percussive adventures 1?

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    who has percussive adventures 1?

    with the christmas sale at soundsonline i'm thinking about purchasing percussive adventures 1 in audio format, since it's at a very cheap price (70$ minus 35% minus the fact that i buy in euro!).
    i'm not thinking about percussive adventures 2 nor the cheapest prosamples instrument of P.A 2 (LE) since the forst is too expanseive and i think the second has very little loop variety.
    so, anyone can give me some comments about PA1??
    how many tracks/loops there are in the two audio cd set?
    are there single samples of the hits used in making the loops?

    would it be a wise buy? :-)

    i'm into videogame/soundtrack music (at an hobbystic level)

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    Re: who has percussive adventures 1?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharmy
    Percussive adventures 1

    great price
    great sound
    fine loops
    good fx
    many professional soundtracks for TV and movies etc have used this library.
    As a hobbiest, a good source of inspiration

    many professional soundtracks for TV and movies etc have used this library so.....
    It has been beaten up and rummaged through. That said, with todays sound proccessing tools and audio editing tools I believe it can be used in ways that would make still make some of it fresh sounding.
    What he says^^^^!!!
    I thinking of cuttting it up , Recycling it and throwing it in RMX. It`s true, its way overused.. PE2 , in Intakt I`m finding way more easy to work with concequently jam on, Have you checked that out yet Sharmy? Rich

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    Re: who has percussive adventures 1?

    Hey Bosone,
    Sharms spelled it out pretty well except for one thing. I have made the mistake of purchasing "audio" versions of 2 different loop libs before and the time it takes to slice up and make all the loop points manually is something I'd rather not go through again. The last time I spent a good, full day on a lib was truly my last :-)

    My opinion? ...spend the extra bucks unless you 'really' love doin' that kinda stuff.

    good luck


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    Re: who has percussive adventures 1?

    just one more question.
    what there is, exacly, in the library?
    "complete" and "full arranged loop"
    "Loop elementes", separated, so that i can make my own arrangement?

    in the demo and in the text they speak about loop elements, but i'l like to know exactly what they are referring to!

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    Re: who has percussive adventures 1?

    As someone who has the ProSamples version, the audio version AND the giga version, I'll just say: Get The Full Version. I cut up the audio version twice, and still didn't get it as clean.

    But overused - yes (sigh.) The first piece I created with one of the ProSamp loops, I got back from GC around 2, and finished the basic piece early in the evening, so I went to watch some TV to relax - some local restaurant commercial came on using the same loop! And the movie was a martial arts dud - closer to Art Van Damme then Jean Claude Van Damme - and they used the same loop, but in the full version...

    f you're going to mangle, it's a good one. It will disassemble nicely.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: who has percussive adventures 1?

    placed my order this morning... 50 euro less on my credit card, but i hope that i will make intensive use of this library!
    i ordered the audio cd for the money... i think that i will be obliged to listen and slicing every loop, so that i will eventually become very familiar with the library! (at the expense of a lot of time... but i hope to receive it before my holiday time!)

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