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Topic: OT: Sibelius Question

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    OT: Sibelius Question

    Sorry about the OT post, but I was wondering if any of the Sibelius users in the forum could help me out here.

    I am trying to import a MIDI file (exported to my desktop from Digital Performer in Standard MIDI format) into Sibelius, and when I attempt to do so I get a COMPLETELY BLANK page! Funnily enough, I had tried doing so a few days ago and did not have this problem...

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Re: OT: Sibelius Question

    Try the Sibelius forum. I've imported MIDI into Sibelius, bu have never come up against a blank result.



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    Re: OT: Sibelius Question

    I've opened midi files in Sibelius on several occasions and it's worked well, so I'm not sure what the problem may be. I don't recall there being any sort of formal "import" feature, other than just selecting "open", and navigating to the actual midi file you're trying to open. On Mac, Sibelius does give you a menu in the "open" dialog that allows you to select what kind of file you're opening (sib, midi, all music files, etc). It might be worth opening via the "open" command or dragging the midi file onto your sibelius application icon in case you were trying another method.


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