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Topic: Another "Composer Channel" program!

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    Exclamation Another "Composer Channel" program!

    As a fellow participant in the Garritan Personal Orchestra forum here on NorthernSounds, I would like to make you aware of an Internet radio program that I will soon be presenting weekly on "The Composer Channel" of Christopher Duncan’s "ShowProgramming.com". Chris is putting the whole Internet radio thing together with two main "DJs" who he has worked with before on other efforts -- then I came along and "volunteered" to put in my two cents worth.

    In fact, I’ve decided to call the program "Two Cents Worth"!

    The format of the show is going to be simple: [1] ONLY original material (or a significant re-visiting or treatment of a formerly "classic" piece of music on the order of Schoenberg rewriting Bach or Liszt) and material which uses SOME GPO instruments and [2] I won’ta be playing ANY of my work (as I think this is just too self-serving.

    That’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

    While I will be drawing from many of the original pieces submitted to TCC ("The Composer Channel") I am also going to try to differentiate "Two Cents Worth" by having a featured artist (almost) every week. We all need more exposure (and fame!) and I think it frequently helps to get a glimpse of the "artist behind the music" so if an artist is willing, I will work out a way of getting some "sound clips" and work those comments into my show. I would also be willing to feature "works in progress" – particularly if an artist has (for example) three iterations of the development of a piece and is brave enough to share that with the world (in a limited audience, of course). Where this might also be extremely interesting to your fellow composers is combined with commentary or narrative about how the different versions developed – as well as where the piece may go further down the line. I see the "format" as being open to pretty much anything and I hope that it will develop into an interesting and compelling segment that people will want to catch.

    So. What’s in it for you? Exposure, exposure and more exposure! I would like to create an invigorating, creative atmosphere where composers can feel comfortable with "exposing" themselves with the benefit of getting feedback in the form of [1] increased attention to their work, [2] feedback from other composers and fans, and [3] a little cross-pollination along the way since none of us lives in a vacuum (even out here on the garden isle of Kauai in Hawaii). I will be identifying material and providing "connection" information (web site, email at the option of the individual, etc.).

    Put your thinking cap on: Are there some selections that you may have abandoned that you might think are good enough to get a hearing? Do you have 2, 3 or 4 versions of a "developing" piece that you feel okay with getting a hearing? (In some cases, I would take the liberty of perhaps excerpting sections to highlight where growth may have gone on.) I would particularly enjoy presenting material that you don’t necessarily want to give over to TCC for unlimited play but want the material only heard on "Two Cents Worth". I will be actively chasing a few folks here in the Forum and bugging you to help make the show interesting and fun (for me, too!). If you have a microphone on your computer and ability to make even a simple WMA sound file (mono, stereo of multi-channel) you can record some "voice" info for me (I'll even provide questions if you need them). This could make the presentation of your material more compelling (at your option, of course).

    I hope that you will consider submitting "special" material to me (or pointing me to material that you have provided to TCC or elsewhere for download). I think we can together bring a unique component and perspective to TCC and thereby broaden the audience for all of us. If you’d like to email directly with your thoughts and/or ideas, please feel free to hit me at KFT2CentsWorth@AOL.com. (If you have links to material that you’d like me to hear, DO include those in any email, but please do not send music files there [yet]. When it’s time for me to hear things, we’ll work out.)

    DETAILS: We don't yet have a time-slot for the two-hour program, but there will be one "new" presentation at a regular time each week, with selected "re-runs" through the rest of the week to make it convenient for you and others to catch. Stay tuned for further details as "The Composer Channel" develops!

    THREE BIG cheers for Christoher Duncan and "The Composer Channel"!!!

    Cheers ... and mahalos ... Kevin

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    Re: Another "Composer Channel" program!

    Great idea! I could certainly learn a lot from a show like that. Thanks for volunteering, I look forward to it!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Another "Composer Channel" program!

    Kevin's show is going to be a great addition to the Composer Channel. Let's get some material in to him as soon as possible so that we can hear his two cents worth - and yours!
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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