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Topic: How does it sound?

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    How does it sound?


    I'm trying to make my attemps longer and longer. Maybe within next year I'll be able to put together a whole minute of music!

    Thank you for your benevolence.

    PS - GPO is a great piece of software, I'm doing lots of advertising among my friends...

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    Re: How does it sound?

    You seem to know what to do with the sounds and are getting a lot of realism, now we just need more than 28 seconds.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: How does it sound?

    That was awesome, I can't wait for something like this to develop into a nice long piece!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: How does it sound?

    Thank you, I feel encouraged to keep studying! I don't hesitate to post my attempts, partly beacuse I really enjoy sharing virtually anything, partly because as a beginner in orchestration I need appreciation and, most important, critics to find the way. Even a or a have great importance (to me).


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    China -- Very convincing and quite charming as far as it goes. The only possible flaw that I could sense is a certain overlap that didn't quite seem orchestrally "natural", but then again, rules are made to be broken, you know!

    Don't be shy! Give us more!


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    Re: How does it sound?

    Kevin, thanks for appreciating and encouraging me: many people say I'm shy

    As I wrote, for beginners criticisms are even more important than encouraging words (though these do not harm at all )

    Indeed I appreciated your piece that won the competition, so I have a real interest in your technical remarks. By "overlapping" you mean an excessive accumulation of instruments generating confusion? Thanks again.

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    Re: How does it sound?

    Kevin, I slowed the tempo and tried to improve the overall clarity. Currently I'm not able to get much more from this short, but now it lasts 30 seconds! What an improvement!

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    Re: How does it sound?

    GPO is even nicer (the forumists too)

    Thank you.

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