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Topic: Best score page format ?

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    Best score page format ?

    Simple question : what's the best size for a score ?


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    Re: Best score page format ?

    How many staves for this score?
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    Re: Best score page format ?

    I have 29 staves

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    tabloid (11*17) will be fine.
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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    Re: Best score page format ?

    Thanks ...

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    Re: Best score page format ?

    When I'm preparing an orchestral score, I try to fit it onto 10X13 or 11X14 paper.

    If the score is too complex for those sizes (and yours may be), I'll resort to 11X17. However, in my experience conductors don't like that size; it's too big and unwieldy and doesn't fit well into most briefcases.
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    Re: Best score page format ?

    Agreed! 11x17 is not good if at all avoidable. 29 staves should fit in a 9"x12" tall paper, if your printer and notation program can handle it; another option is 'legal size' 8 1/2 x 14. Looks not so good, but much more manageable than 11x17.

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