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Topic: Absynth with gigastudio

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    Absynth with gigastudio

    Did a forum search and came up nada.... Here's what I got....

    I just want to know if anybody is able to run absynth succesfully with gigastudio, as in no pops or clicks. When I have a polyphony of 40(5 tracks) running with absynth, my cpu meter in sonar hits 9% and I get clicks. Is this what I should be expecting? I've already set my sequencer to use a different set of outputs than giga. Workarounds, ideas, inklings, and all... If you have an opinion, I want to hear it.

    Anyway, just thought I'd ask before I hassle myself with bouncing the stuff to audio.

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    Re: Absynth with gigastudio

    All on the same comp. or dedicated GigaPC ? Big Differerence. Rich

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    Re: Absynth with gigastudio

    All on the same comp. Yeah I know I'm gripping at straws here but I was looking for something obvious that I blundered past.

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    Re: Absynth with gigastudio

    I have had major problems with Sonar recently. Most notably, the clicking. I discovered that while my CPU bar will show only around 1025%, there is clicking. By bringing up Windows task manager, my CPU shows 99100% during playback. I don't know if Sonar sets some weird buffer or not. This only occurs with streaming sample programs (and even preloaded ala GPO). I have tried it with GS on at the same time as Kontakt and off at the same time as Kontakt with barely any difference. I realize some of this added strain comes because I am running at 96k. However, if a project is causing my cpu to run aroun 100% while Sonar shows 25%, I can still load a ton of effects so that my Sonar CPU will show up to about 76% before clicks. It seems as if Sonar prebuffers some cpu for effects I guess.

    For all of those trouble shooters out there, my DAW is running streamlined, no adware, viruses, etc. All of my Sonar settings, latency and any other possible setting have been tweaked to death. I do not have this same problem in Samplitude. Once v8 hits, there will be no Sonar for me. It has a great user interface, but that mysterious clicking (caused by a maxed out cpu) drives me nuts!!! I am running an Athlon 64/3200 with 1.5gb ram for my main DAW.

    I would not doubt your problem with clicks at 9%. Check the task manager. That may shed some light. Cakewalk has the most unprofessional audio engine for such a professional program. If only the audio of Samplitude would merge with the midi and user interface of Sonar......
    Jonathan Kerr
    J.Kerr Music, Inc

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    Re: Absynth with gigastudio

    Remembering Giga's crappy cpu meter, I thought you were right. Ex-nay bro. My task manager has my cpu at 39-44%. I've got an intel 2.0ghz with 1gig ram and I JUST defragged all my drives. Anybody here familiar with absynth that can offer some advice?

    Thanks for the try though...

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    Re: Absynth with gigastudio

    I think you can run it on the same comp. if u use v-stack or Forte and virtual midi stuff (maple tools or midi yoke) for te absynth part in VST. i run Absynth and Giga at the same time from a seperate comp . no problem using V-stack as the VST host... Have you tried jsut sticking absynth vst in you sequencer and running GS3 via rewire?

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Absynth with gigastudio

    After three absinthes, GigaStudio sounds even better than it does on one or two. But four is asking for trouble. You may hear things as they actually are.

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