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Topic: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

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    List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    I am getting frustrated with the current crop of VI's.
    Lot's of very similair beasts out there -
    What's knocking you out.
    What's completely replaced a hardware synth for you.

    (keep in mind I already have EVERYTHING made by spectrasonics - let's broaden the discussion as Eric already has all my money)

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Anything from Arturia.

    I currently have the MiniMoog V because I know the original synth inside and out and I can get around quick on it. Because the Minimoog V can operate polyphonically it's really more like a MemoryMoog.

    But the CS80V is capable of some killer sounds that don't come out of anything else, the modular Moog V is a bleedin' modular Moog on steriods with none of the hassle and the new Arp 2600 V also looks very cool.

    Yeah, it all emulates vinatge gear but this stuff sounds as hip as the new crop of soft synths, or hipper!

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    Lightbulb Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Great post! Here's my current list:
    • reFX (Steinberg) Xphraze - replaces Prophet VS/Korg Wavestation
    • Arturia Moog Modular V, CS-80V, minimoog V, and ARP 2600V (which is not released yet, but I got an early view) - replacing their hardware counterparts with ease [note: it's a great call to mention that the minimoog V replaces the Memorymoog. While the MM used Curtis chips for oscillators and VCAs, they still used the discrete component filter ladders like an original Moog. I used to do the Lintronics upgrades to the Memorymoog here in the US, and I think the minimoog V sounds as good or better than the venerable Norlin/Moog hybrid.]
    • USB Charlie - replaces the Hammond B-3
    • Steinberg Virtual Guitarist, VGEE, Groove Agent - guitar and drums
    • Bornemark/MI7 Broomstick Bass - several categories of bass work (from the same brain that created VG, VGEE, and GA)
    • Scarbee J-everything-bass, RSP, WEP, SID - replaces slap and fingered bass, Rhodes, Wurli, and puts a killer drum kit in my computer (mapping GA patterns to SID) note: I know these are sample libraries - but when you play them, there's no mistake that what you've got is a musical instrument.
    • Of course - Garritan Personal Orchestra (again - a VSTi, not just a sample library) while not replacing an orchestra in a strictly literal sense, it puts millions of dollars worth of instruments at my disposal, and has an incredible pipe organ and Steinway piano sample, to boot.
    • Plogue Bidule replaces the trusty olde Mac-based Turbosynth. (While it's not a hardware replacement, per se, it's a killer app and worth a mention)
    • iZotope Trash and Spectron - replaces amps, speaker cabinets, microphones, stomp boxes, and all sorts of rack mounted effects
    • With Voxengo Pristine Space, I can put my "virtual musicians" in the Chan Centre of Vancouver, or any number of other top quality concert and recording spaces, and with Spirit Canyon Audio's "Spektral Relativity" I can take them to other worlds...

    All in all - I think I've replaced several thousands of pounds and several millions of US$ worth of equipment with the list above.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Charlie, eh?? How does it stack up against NI's B4? (Another one at the top of my list, btw.)
    The B4 does an absolutely perfect job emulating the B3 under the right circumstances. The Leslie sim does pretty darn well- I'd give it 7 out of 10 for realism. You can put in in a mix and have it work a lot of the time but it won't stand up under the scrutiny of being solo'd out. However the overdrive sim is terrific. For "important" organ stuff I run the B4 with its own internal overdrive through a real Leslie running soft enough to stay clean and it sounds killer.

    All that said, have you ever put the two up to a side by side comparison?? I haven;'t heard Charlie....

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    Charlie, eh?? How does it stack up against NI's B4? (Another one at the top of my list, btw.)
    Charlie is comprised of an impeccible assortment of high-quality samples, and controlled through the UVI sample-playback engine. So, you're not going to get a great Leslie "control" out of it, but a great set of sampled leslie configurations. I've taken a "static" sample and piped it through a Leslie sim as a separate effect in Cubase and it was sooo . The sampled instrument with the embedded Leslie motion is better of course, but there's no sound like the ramp-up of a spinning speaker in real time.

    It also has a great key-click control, where they were somehow able to sample "just" the click part and allow you to add it with the throw of a virtual toggle switch - amazing transform there - and makes an incredible difference in the legitimacy of the sound when a key click is desired. So, althrough you can't tweak drawbar settings in real-time, you get an assortment of usable samples and a decent programming interface for extending it into some non-traditional territory.

    There are people who prefer the control of B-4, and others that prefer the sound of Charlie.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Houston Haynes
    There are people who prefer the control of B-4, and others that prefer the sound of Charlie.
    I'm one of the ones that LOVES the sound of Charlie - it's definitely my B3 of choice. So my list:

    - Charlie
    - Trilogy
    - Atmosphere
    - GPO
    - BFD
    - EWQLSO Gold

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Ed, have you tried Reaktor? It's the only-one-on-a-desert-island go-to for me. Not only are there all kinds of classic synths to be found in its factory library, the user library grows every day with the most amazing, futuristic synths/sample-manglers/fx. Also in my top 3: Absynth (the other is RMX).

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    [QUOTE=ed hamilton]
    Lot's of very similair beasts out there -
    What's knocking you out.

    ok, with RMX, AliBino, NI Elektrik, Absynth, Korg Legacy (Wavestation !) and the FM7 you will never be bored on a desert Island... !

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Heres the coolest and most interesting new ones ive tried:
    Ohmforce Melohman
    Legacy Collection (the legacycell is the most userfriendly interface ever)
    Tassman 4
    Z3ta+ (its harsh but very flexible)
    G2 Nord Modular

    And of course all the old standards like reaktor and absynth ,anything by Arturia
    If I had the bucks right now, I`d get the Kyma Modual. Its like Reaktor on steriods. What the big boys play with
    Just as interesting are the new filters..PSP Nitro and Ohmforce Quatrofromage and the 'Oh my God " comb filter. Very musical stuff..Still cant do without my Virus KC ...Rich

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    Re: List your MUST HAVE VI's.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Pell
    If I had the bucks right now, I`d get the Kyma Modual. Its like Reaktor on steriods.
    Check out Bidule - which has amazing capabilities, including hosting virtual instruments and effects as well as a ton of in-built sound-mangling and data crunching possibilities. It's also an OSC host, which is going to be part of the future of musical control in the coming years.

    For those who are interested, you can now get the ARP2600 V as a demo download, and it's a checkbook killer. I just wrote this long post about how cool it is to have analog emulations that can also be used as effects on tracks within projects, and the more I play with the 2600V, the more excited I get about going back to that mode of working. I'll quote myself from KVR:
    Quote Originally Posted by verstaerker
    how would set up something like this? (i'm using FL5)
    I can't comment on the specific ins and outs of FL Studio, as I use Cubase and Nuendo. For me, it's as simple as going to the Insert on a track/channel and selecting the "ARP2600 V Efx" entry in the list (it gets installed alongside the VSTi dll). Then I set up a new MIDI track with an output to "ARP2600 V Efx", which appears in the MIDI output list - so that I can trigger things through MIDI. Of course I also use VST automation quite a bit in these situations, and tend to use MIDI only to create a note that holds open gates and triggers envelopes and provide tracking information to the filters and oscillators.

    I love seeing photos of studios back in the analog daze where the prevalence of microphones, tape units (both as track input and output as well as reel-to-reel based delay units) and a myriad other effects were plugged into and fed off of modular gear. Organ-styled keyboards were typically the *last* thing that anyone cared about. The really cool thing about using virtual analog synths as effects in today's world is that as soon as you need another Moog Modular or ARP2600 V to cram a drum, guitar, vocal or other keyboard through - you *don't* have to unplug everything and re-patch. You just call up another instance of the plug-in and run with it. It's like having a room full of modular gear sitting off to the side of your studio. How many folks that paid $1000s for their analog gear would like to have that option for a touch more than $300?
    This is truly a great time to be alive.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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