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Topic: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

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    V.I. Forum Black-Out?

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    I just tried posting the URL to the V.I. forum in one of my replies here and this is what I got after posting: http://www.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/forum/forum.php

    Can someone explain what is up with that?

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    Question Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

    Maybe NS automatically deletes "advertisements" for other forums (fori?)...

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    Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

    well, you could write the link in photoshop and post it as a JPEG

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    Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

    Thanks but I would rather be allowed to direct fellow NS members to any other sample site/forum on the planet without resorting to trickery.

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    Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

    you can always do what we do to get around the profanity filter...and spell out the www part with spaces between the letters.

    I agree though that it is weird the link is blocked in some way.
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

    Thanks Brian, but I don't see why V.I. Forum should be considered profanity. There are people there who are upset at NS, true, but then again, you can find people upset at NS at VSL as well. OTOH, you can also find people who stand up for NS at V.I. Forum. Obviously, if you look hard enough, you can find pro and con supporters for every forum. I'm not trying to say that one is better than another. I just don't see what the problem is with linking from one to another, so that members can share music, tips, etc. This is not about advertising (hot stuff I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole), comparing services or anything like that - just about communication. A member was curious about composers working in the business. The least I should be able to do is answer freely, pointing them to any music place on earth, right? I'm not linking them up to a neo- group or anything...

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    Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?


    I was surprised as well when I saw that weird link in your post.

    I hope that DeSound and PaPa can give us more explicit guidelines on topics like this.

    Changing posts without explaining it to the poster (for instance via PM) will only add to confusion, in this case with Ned and the visitors who saw that weird link.

    Personally I find V.I. a small and very (VERY) friendly place, where until now there has not been any serious ranting or playing down of other forums (there have been a few discussions about NS, but I cannot see why that would be a problem). But maybe I'm wrong here...

    To be very clear: I am not taking sides here or venting any bad feelings!!!!

    I really want to ALL forums to be great places to discuss our shared passions and interests!

    BTW: NS is BIG and V.I. is small - personally I would like them both to stay that way. So Ned, please stop complainin'

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    Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

    Did you try embedding it---like this?

    Perhaps that would work?

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    Re: V.I. Forum Black-Out?

    A wise sage once wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ned Bouhalassa
    If you really want me (and other members here I suppose) to take you seriously, start getting involved in a topic that is not related to NS politics.http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=28255
    Is this thread what you mean? Thanks for the example. Now we get an idea of where you’re coming from.

    Did you ever have a houseguest that came to your party and all the person did was whine, moan and cry? Complain about the décor, the food, the furniture, why other guests weren’t invited, why you don't link to other parties, etc. Come to think of it, reminds me of my first wife. Is this what you meant when you referred to "girly-men" in another thread?

    As the moderators stated, it is their forum and they make the rules. They do not have to explain their actions. If you don't like the way the NS forum is run, why be a party pooper and why not just go elsewhere?

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