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Topic: Burning Grooves SAGE expander?

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    Burning Grooves SAGE expander?

    Hi Spectrum,

    can you confirm? Do I get all single drum shots (kits) from Burning Grooves in the SAGE expander? I have it on backorder!

    I am still an avid user of your sounds after all those years, thank you very much!

    best regards, imusic

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    Re: Burning Grooves SAGE expander?

    The Xpander version will probably be only the grooves section of BG, because the Kit mode in RMX is more basic and doesn't have velocity switching or velocity controllable envelopes....so it wouldn't sound like the original kits do in a standard sampler.

    It's coming out very nicely though....hopefully we'll have it available for sale at NAMM, or shortly therafter.

    all the best,


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