Come sip a cool goblet of my adventurous cello samples, mapped to Kontakt.

Jan '05 update:
In response to the feedback I got last month, I've expanded the library to include four very sultry "endless cello" patches. They are have between 2 to 4 velocity layers and have such a huge duration of continuous tone between their actual loop points that they sound like they are being played, well, endlessly.

Non-Vibrato an icy, clear non vibrato sound. listen here
Rich Vibrato a four-velocity mapped blend of really creamy cello listen here
Light Vibrato similar to "Rich Vibrato" this is a four-velocity mapped blend of smooth cello that also doesn't have a difinitive end
Shinehead the most sonically adventurous segment of this collection consists of me bowing the string with the wood-side of my carbon-fiber Rolland bow. It's sonic qualities resemble music coming through old grammophone, but with full-bodied richness of a traditional bowed tone. It recalls a faded photograph or a damaged transmission, yet it's all naturally done with no effects. listen here

This is included in my already vast collection of cello samples. Click here to view the site and see if these samples are right for you.

happy new Year
Cosmo D