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Topic: Need advice on Computer/Viewing monitor for trade show/presentation

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    Need advice on Computer/Viewing monitor for trade show/presentation

    This is sort of off topic but considering the many computer technology experts here and many expo/trade show goers here I thought I might be able to get some educated help. My boss is asking me to set up for a group presentation and possibly for a tradeshow a computer set up to display computer software. Basically the software runs at 1000 pixels width. So that is a consideration. To my knowledge for this task I would need a computer and somekind of large viewable screen.

    First question, could I connect laptops to either LCD TVs or regular tvs? My current thinking is something along the lines of

    Option 1:
    What kind of connectors on the laptop would I need to get to connect to something like a ViewSonic 30" LCD TV (cheapest one I've found)?

    Option 2:
    A laptop connected to a normal tv? What kind of connectors would I need on the laptop to connect to a tv?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Need advice on Computer/Viewing monitor for trade show/presentation

    I'm not an expert, but I have hooked up computers in a variety of ways to displays. First of all, it depends on your laptop, and TV, and what video connection formats they support. Most laptops will give you an S-Video OUT jack to any TV. The quality is ok, but could be much better. If you're going to display this to many, many people..you want to get the best quality possible. The two better formats include Component (still analog), and of course, DVI. If you can go the DVI route, I HIGHLY advise to. Only the highest end AGP and PCI-X cards ($200+) support component hookups as far as I'm concerned. I'm not sure if there are adapters available for component video through USB 2.0, or Firewire, so I'd do a search on that. For a 30" monitor, to me it sounds like S-Video isn't going to give you the quality you're looking for.

    I'm not sure what your budget is, but if you need a small tower, I'd build one or use one your own, and get an AGP video to slap in it with DVI support. The quality is unmatched. Although, also double check how much it takes to drive the 30" screen. I know for a fact, the Apple 30" monitor needs 4 DVI jacks to drive a screen that big, in which they have their own special 4 DVI jack Nvidia 6800 Ultra, which is a $500-$600 video card. You may want to at least look into a dual DVI video, which doesn't hurt the price at all, but only the higher end cards seem to support both that I've seen. You may want to check out Matrox cards, since they have a reputation for special display scenarios. If not, you can snag an XFX Nvidia 6800 NU with dual DVI for $270 at newegg.com.

    These are just a few things I know off first hand, but don't take me as an expert. See if you can find some adapters, talk to some video enthusiasts, and see what is the preferrable video interface people go with, especially for a presentation screen.


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