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Topic: connecting to keyboard

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    connecting to keyboard


    I want to connect a keyboard to my computer. However, looking at cables like


    I don't think I have any input similar to the end of that cable. That said, how would I connect the keyboard to computer via midi?

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    Re: connecting to keyboard

    What kind of card is in the computer?? Any "pro" card should have a breakout cable with a round female 5 pin DIN connector that matches the MIDI cable. However many so-called "consumer" sound cards (like older Sound Blaster cards, for instance) support MIDI but don't include the physical port. They require a special breakout cable to go on their game port, and it's usually like this:


    Anyway, if you list the type of sound card someone can help. Or if you have no compatible card, well, that's your problem

    I would personally reccomend buying a decent cheap dedicated MIDI interface for the PC, like a M-audio MIDIMan 1x1. It will set you back less than fifty bucks and work flawlessly.

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    Re: connecting to keyboard

    Yes, I'm afraid I do have a bad soundcard =( It's a "Soundblaster Live!" sound card. Unfortunately I lack the funds to get a better soundcard (just dished out hundreds of dollars for upgrades to support gpo =()

    If I were to go to, say, Radio Shack would I be able to get cord to go from regular mdi to that "breakout" cable?

    BTW, I don't know what you mean by if it's not compatible, but if if you mean not compatible with MIDI, I've been using midi all this time, I just want to be able to control it with a MIDI keyboard.

    Ir if that's not what you mean, or it's some expert knowledge, sorry

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    Re: connecting to keyboard

    No problem, the SB Live card will work just fine. You need the gameport cable, which you can probably pick up at Best Buy if you have one close to you. Then you're good to go!!

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    Re: connecting to keyboard

    Your SoundBlaster Live card has a "Midi/Joystick" port on ithttp://www.creative.com/products/pro...uct=4855&nav=2

    This port can be used to plug in a Joystick (for games) or a specialized cable for Midi.

    I am not exactly sure which SB Live card you have, but the following is the type of cable I THINK you are looking for, a "Midi Adapter cable":

    As Fred mentioned, another alternative would be to buy a USB midi interface, like the M-AUdio UNO:

    With the SBLive, you may have to download some "driver software" from their website (www.creative.com) if you want to use your SB Live's "gameport" as a "midi port".

    P.S. - I didn't see what you need at the RadioShack website. However, CompUSA (or any computer store) should have a "PC MIDI adapter cable" like shown here (appears to be identical to the Creative one):

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    Re: connecting to keyboard


    Thanks for the replies,

    I'm in Canada, so what appears on those might not be the same here, but I'll look around some stores, maybe I can find it at Best Buy

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