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Topic: Best Rhythm Section

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    Smile Best Rhythm Section

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    ok the guitarist one is easy, lets hear about the un song hero's in the background

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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    ray brown + ed thigpen

    joe pass + niels orsted-pederson

    steve smith + ross valory

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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    Lenny White and Stanley Clarke of Return to Forever.

    Lake and Palmer backing up Emerson.

    The Wooten brothers of the Flecktones.

    Jerry Marotta and Tony Levin in Peter Gabriel's 80's band.

    Bill Bruford and pretty much any bassist he plays with.

    Roland TR-909. It's done more gigs than anyone!


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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    good call on Ray brown and Ed Thigpen, the stuff with Early Petersen was cool , i think Petersen never quite got that feel back, anyway just recently heard a track of and Ed Thigpen album and it was absolutely beautiful i can see how he helped Petersen a lot.

    What about Eddie Gomez and Steve Gadd

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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    Tim Alexander and Les Claypool

    Lee and Peart

    Manu Kache and Tony Levin.

    George Porter Jr...and whoever

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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    Santana percusionnists + John Bonham on Borboletta breakdown

    Billy Cobham + John Bonham on dance of the maya breakdown

    Shakti percusionnists + John Bonham on Natural breakdown


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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Here we go again!

    These immediately popped into my mind:

    John Bonham and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.

    James Jamerson & ? of Motown fame.

    John, Paul & Ringo.

    Neil Peart and Geddy Lee of Rush.

    Al Jackson, Jr., Steve Cropper, and "Duck" Dunn of Stax fame.

    Add Dave Weckle and John Pattitucci...smokin' fusion baby!
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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    pretty much agreeing with everyone so far and adding:

    Nathan East and anyone...
    Alan White and Chris Squire (Yes)
    Thunderfingers and Moonie (The Who)
    The guys in Tower Of Power at any given time
    Rod Morgenstien and Andy West (The Dregs)
    Liberty Devito and who cares who the bass player was (Billy Joel)
    Dee Murray and Nigel What's-his-name (Elton John)

    a real under the radar one:

    Kyle Henderson and Brian Holmes (The Producers- amazing!)
    who stole a lot from
    Sting and Stewart Copeland (The Police)

    Geez, there are so many!! That's not even a start....

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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian2112
    Add Dave Weckle and John Pattitucci...smokin' fusion baby!

    Oh god!! Yes!! After I heard them with Corea...well, the rest is history! They were like an organism...the three of them playing together.

    I glad someone also mentioned Jerry Marotta...ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!

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    Re: Best Rhythm Section

    One of my favorite "deadly" alternating rhythm and solo combinations.... Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman of, that's right...... SLAYYYYERRRRRR!!!
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