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Topic: Best Pianist

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    Best Pianist

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    So many, but how about Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Keith Jarret, for starters

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    Re: Best Pianist

    oscar peterson

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    Re: Best Pianist

    Patrick Moraz.

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    Re: Best Pianist

    The Melodious Thunk, Oscar Peterson, Kenny Kirkland, and Connick when he plays N'awlins style stuff. For classical there's always Vladamir Horowitz and Evgeny Kissin.

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    Re: Best Pianist

    And of course Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock.

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    Re: Best Pianist

    Franz Liszt is noted as "THE" best pianist to ever touch a piano.... but I have never heard him play

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    Re: Best Pianist

    Quote Originally Posted by ngstime
    Franz Liszt is noted as "THE" best pianist to ever touch a piano.... but I have never heard him play
    His compositions definitely reflect that but its hard to add him to the list if you haven't heard him play (along with Chopin). I have heard recordings of Rachmaninov, however, so lets throw him into the mix.


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    Re: Best Pianist

    claudio arrau

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    Re: Best Pianist

    Lang Lang. If any of you had the chance to hear him, seriously awesome. He is a Chinese Native and I had the opportunity to meet him earlier this year because my current piano instructor, Dr. Tianshu Wang, gave him lessons.

    This guy is incredible, and he is only 22 I believe. Many people are saying that he is the best alive right now. I am not sure about that, but it could be. He studied with many prominent teachers, I cannot remember any of their names currently though

    Sean R. Beeson

    He is good, and when he practices he kind of just stares at the keys, and then he is like BOOOM! And off he goes. Nice guy too

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