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Topic: Sharmy's Christmas Piece

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    Sharmy's Christmas Piece

    Sharmy posted this last year. It remains one of my favorites, deserving of a far wider audience. I'd like to give the many new people on this board a chance to hear it.


    For those interested in the libraries used, the original thread is

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    Re: Sharmy's Christmas Piece

    Great work, Sharmy, as usual. I hadn't heard this, and it was made all the better by the fact that I listened to it right after the, uh, demo, of O Holy Night (which I was physically unable to complete).

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    Re: Sharmy's Christmas Piece

    Sharmy's scores and contributions IMHO are totally awesome. Anybody who knows him benefits from his expertise..

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful score once again.

    Alan Russell
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    Re: Sharmy's Christmas Piece

    Very fine, cute and effective. I know I'll be whistling it for days.
    Great job.


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    Re: Sharmy's Christmas Piece

    Is this about an indoor mall or a historical "city" mall. I could swear I saw a bird fly by in measure 3.

    I'm pretty sure this was a mall from a Christmas movie. Too many happy situations. At our mall, I see a lot of very determined people seemingly wondering, "what on earth can I get so-and-so." (maybe that's just me...hmmm?)

    Another beautiful piece (cobwebs and all) from you, Craig.

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