I finally got this to work, so I thought I would share it with anyone else who is struggling with


To set up one instance of EWQLSO Gold (or Silver) with separate fader control and automation for each of the 8 channels:

In the Environment, you will need:
1 audio instrument
7 aux audio objects set to stereo mode
1 multi instrument

Create and or drag these items to a corner of your Environment window.
The audio instrument and the aux audio objects should look like channel strips. If they don’t click on them and they will open up. You can rename your multi instrument if you like: QLSO Gold or whatever.

Activate the first 8 channels of the multi instrument by clicking on them. The line crossing out each button will go away after you click on it (or activate all 16 if you are using Kontakt).

Cable from the output (top right corner) of the multi instrument to the input of the audio instrument (top left corner).
Cable from the next output on the multi instrument to the input of the first aux audio object. Each time you cable from the multi instrument, a new output will appear below the last one. Repeat the process until all of the aux audio objects are connected.

Check the settings by clicking at the bottom of the audio instrument.
It should be set to an instrument channel, let’s say it is 1.
The parameter settings should read:
Cha Instrument 1
MIDI Cha All
You can rename the instrument: QLSO Gold 1-2 or whatever you like.

Check the settings on each of the aux audio objects by clicking on the bottom.
They should be set to aux channels, lets say from 2 to 8 to keep it simple.
The parameter settings should read:
Cha Aux 2 (Aux 3, Aux 4, etc.)
MIDI Cha All
You can rename the aux to: QLSO Gold 3-4 (QLSO Gold 5-6, QLSO Gold 7-8, etc.)

On the audio instrument, insert EWQLSO Gold as a Multi Channel - Audio Unit
Load the 8 samples that you want to use.
Leave the first sample on output 1-2 and change the rest in Kompakt to 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, etc.
Each of the samples should be set to a different MIDI channel in Kompakt. It usually does this automatically when you load the samples.

On the first of the aux channels, insert Instrument 1 – ESQLSO Gol 3-4
Do the same for the rest of the aux channels, only set them to ESQLSO Gol 5-6, ESQLSO Gol 7-8, etc.

Create tracks on the arrange window for your multi instrument:
It will automatically rename the cahnnels: QLSO Gold 1, QLSO Gold 2, QLSO 3, etc. This is where you will play the instruments and record your sequences.

Create tracks on the arrange window for your audio instrument and your 7 aux audio objects. It will automatically rename the channels whatever you named them in the environment.

Now you can add track names and colors if you like. I think the icons and the colors help keep things organized. And it looks cool too.

The only draw back to this solution is you need double the number of tracks (16 for 1 instance of Gold) and you have to go to 2 different places, one to record and edit the sequences and one to change the volume and program the automation.

Right now I have 6 instances of Gold and 1 instance of Silver working without any problem.

If you get a warning about running low on memory when you are loading your samples, play with the settings. On my machine, I have them set pretty low at 48/72 248 for both Kompakt and Kontakt.