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Topic: OT - looking for J.Williams "art music" xmas gift

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    OT - looking for J.Williams "art music" xmas gift

    I'm having trouble tracking down the Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra that Williams did for Michele Zukovsky in 1991. Anyone know where I might purchase either the full work (preferable) or a piano reduction with clarinet part? It's a holiday present for my dad - which he only mentioned interest in recently.

    Funny he always professed a disinterest in JW, then he bought the Catch Me if You Can soundtrack. So he'd like to learn the Clarinet work now, and its on me to find it. Google turned up little, and since time it doth run out...

    Thanks -

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    Re: OT - looking for J.Williams "art music" xmas gift

    MP3.com was selling a copy of it for $5.99 a few years back. Be warned the quality is sub-par. Sounds like someone smuggled in an old micro-cassette recorder into a live performance of the piece. I hope Williams records a proper version of this work because it is quite pretty.

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    Re: OT - looking for J.Williams "art music" xmas gift

    Is it no longer on mp3.com? I bought a copy from there. Its very fun.

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    Re: OT - looking for J.Williams "art music" xmas gift

    Actually, I'm looking for the score. I don't think I explained well, but my dad's a clarinet player looking for new stuff to work up. I've found the trumpet and tuba works available through Hal Leonard, so I emailed them to see if they could steer me the correct way.

    I do remember listening to the mp3.com recording once, and it was pretty rough (recording-wise). I liked the piece tho, so hopefully it is available somewhere...

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