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Topic: "Piano Cartell" - Sorry

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    "Piano Cartell" - Sorry

    Hi everybody,

    this is Jay from Piano Cartell.
    First of all we have to say thank you again for your critics and notes in this
    outstanding forum.
    Special thanks to "Per Larsson" too. And of course "sorry" to everybody !!!!
    How you remember we had a major problem with our development team.
    We quit the working together and made a deal with a new development team.
    The head of this team (The Keyboarder from "Sydney Youngblood") promised to be
    finished with the new
    "Piano Cartell MaXXimum Grand" up to the middle of 2005.
    These guys already worked on a Grand Piano library for the last 6 month (a
    "Fazioli" and a "Steinway" Grand Piano).
    The onlyest thing i can say now is that we hope that you stay continued and
    "We´ll be back".

    As soon as we have a playable demoversion available we let you know first.

    Our best wishes to everybody on the board an Merry Christmas.

    Piano Cartell
    Head of Advertising and web design

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    Re: "Piano Cartell" - Sorry

    Jay -
    You handled this situation quite well imho.

    Your reply to Per was very honest in what had to be a difficult moment for your company. The integrity you displayed made an impression and that will pay a dividend to you when you release this library.

    You may want to keep in touch with members of this forum as many of us own SEVERAL piano libraries and eagerly investigate any new ones.

    I look forward to listening to your future piano library demos.

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    Re: "Piano Cartell" - Sorry

    I have to say that I went by Guitar Center last week and made a point of playing an S-90, just to listen to the Power Grand and other pianos, and they didn't, to my ears in the middle of Guitar Center, sound like the demo I downloaded --- I'm talking about the playable octave demo, not the mp3s. the treble on the S-90 pianos sounded much better, actually, than those in the demo. (On the other hand, maybe the raw samples on the keyboard were the same?)

    I particularly listened to the bass. I still love the bass note in the demo. What I like about it is not the sound that comes from the apparent loop, but instead the very low thrump that's partly the sound of the felt striking the string, and partly soundboard resonance that sustains and evolves. Love that sound. I hope it wasn't taken from an existing keyboard. (If so, which keyboard, please?)

    If not, please keep this sound in the future library. I don't think any of the wonderful current libraries have it.

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