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Topic: Atmosphere_Installation problem

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    Question Atmosphere_Installation problem


    Hello there,

    I am a new user and just trying to resolve a problem that occurred during Atmosphere installation.

    Hope that some of you guys would be able to help me with your sugestions.

    A few months ago I got Atmosphere and right now trying to install it on my MAC Power Book G4, OS X ( Extended HFS+) or to be more precise Journaled HFS+, whatever it means.

    I have more than 60 gigs of free space available on HD and there is also 2 gigs of RAM.

    At the moment I am in the middle of installing all my software, and have both Logic Pro 6 and Cubase SX 2.0 already installed on my drive.

    They say in installation manual that before Atmosphere installation enough memory should be assigned to Sequencer program. I tried to do that but, to start with, I am not exactly sure how to do it because there is no option for entering the Preferred Memory Size, or maybe I just cant find it following their instructions which are very basic and not helpful to say the least.

    Second, I am not sure which Sequencer I am going to use most of the time so I assume that this Preferred Memory Size could be sorted out once I install everything I want, and that not allocating enough Memory right now should not cause any problem during installation.

    If you have any idea how it should be done, and when, please let me know too.

    After that I did follow the rest of the instructions on how to install Atmosphere.

    First I copied that "Spectrasonics Atmosphere" folder from the CD to Application folder on HD and then launched Atmosphere Installer from there..

    After that nothing really happens apart from getting this message after a few seconds:

    "A disc related error occurred while joining the segments.

    Error ID - 61

    CopyToDestFile - Open ( ) ..."

    I don't know what it means and what am I supposed to do now, and I do hope that some of you out there could be so kind and help me to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

    I am using my MAC only for music and it is not and will never be connected to Internet so if there is anything that I have to download before installing Atmosphere I am not sure how to do it and could I use other computers for that.

    Hope that you were not bored to death reading about my troubles and thanks very much to everybody who can contribute with answers and sugestions.

    All the best everyone

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    Re: Atmosphere_Installation problem

    The installer on the disc and the instructions in the printed book are only for OS9.

    Please refer to the website info for installing on OSX. There are some things you need to download in order to do it.


    First download this pdf file which explains everything you need to do:


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    Re: Atmosphere_Installation problem


    Thank you very much for your help.

    I downloaded and transfered plug in upgrades and that joiner application from another PC to my Mac and it worked.

    Now, I have another problem...

    I have two sequencers already installed and I am not sure which one is going to be my main one. One is Logic pro 6 and another Cubase SX 2.0.

    Logic Pro 6 is oppening fine but my other sequencer Cubase SX 2.0 cant be started at all. When it starts to initialize Atmosphere I get a message telling me that Cubase SX has unexpectedly quit......

    Is there anything that I might have done wrong when installing those plug in upgrades?

    Any ideas how I could fix this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Atmosphere_Installation problem

    Hmmm...no idea. Maybe repair permissions in Disk Utility.

    Or reinstall SX


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    Re: Atmosphere_Installation problem

    Thanks very much.

    Reinstallation worked.

    Just one more question. Do I have to go through the same process of downloading those plug-in upgrades and updating on my Mac for Stylus and Trilogy?

    And, do I have to install ".dat" files to both

    Library - Audio - Plug-ins - Components and

    Library - Audio - Plug-ins - VST

    or is it just enogh to install it in one of those.....

    I am asking this because I will be using both Logic and Cubase, and Atmosphere opens fine in the Logic but when I want to open Cubase I get error message during initialization telling me that ".dat" file couldnt be found and that I have to make sure that an alias is present in the folder of my plug-in.

    I am bit confused with this and dont know exactlly which folder is in question here, because as I said it opens in Logic but not in Cubase.

    Thanks one more time

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    Re: Atmosphere_Installation problem

    that's because the plug-in folder fo Logic is different from the one for Cubase. The two programs don't look in a common folder (a la VST plugs on a PC). You have to manually make an alias of the .dat file (deleting the word "alias" after it's made), then bring that into the plug in folder of Cubase. I use Cubase, Logic, and Pro Tools on my system, so I have the RTAS, VST, and AU Atmospheres in different folders, and the aliases of the .dat file in each folder

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