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Topic: Processing of moving older version of Kontakt to new G5 for Garriton

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    Process of moving older version of Kontakt to new G5 for Garritan

    Hello, I am (yay) going to make the purchase for Garritan's Personal Orchestra, soon.

    Currently, I have Kontakt version 1.0. loaded on a G4 / running in OS9 and am in the midst of ordering a new G5 Power MAC dual 2.5. with OSX. (an RMX inspired decision) So, I am not sure of the process of re-installing the older Kontakt application onto a new G5. How to upgrade - will this work w/ Garritan's P O - do I reorder Kontakt with GPO so to have access to "studio", etc. Post edited ...okay...after hours online, searching forums and 3 s.o.s emails ...I think I understand how to upgrade my younger version of Kontakt for GPO.

    Neat forum. (Apologies for incorrect spelling of Garritan in subject line / could not amend with edit) Best, S.H.
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