1) If I load, say, the Chamber Strings Instrument "VI-6_stac-sh_1" into slot one, it loads quickly, and the momery usage is around 2%. If I then select "Edit with Gigaeditor" it says "downloading Instrument to the samper" and it loads the ENTIRE "BASIC INSTRUMENTS" folder (very long) and shows about 18% memory usage. In the right pane of the Quickload panel the whole list is now there. And if I make even a smal change and try to save, it resaves the entire collection of "BASIC INSTRUMENTS", again taking an eternity. When I close the Editor all these "extras" unload, leaving only the original "VI-6_stac-sh_1". Is this a bug, or am I mssing something?

2) Next to the category headers in the Quickload window, there us a box called "usage". What does this box represent? It is sometimes red, or partially red, it has no relation to the number of instruments loaded or not.


Thanks for any clarification ...