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Topic: Best/Worst Harmonica

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    Talking Best/Worst Harmonica

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    Best : Stevie Wonder

    Worst: Bob Dylan

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    Re: Best/Worst Harmonica

    this is getting ridiculous

    but i certainly agree with you, however, i haven't heard a lot of harmonica playing lately

    perhaps we could continue with "best/worse guiro" or something

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    Re: Best/Worst Harmonica

    Best: That guy from the Flecktones and John Popper

    Worst: Alanis Morrisette

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    Re: Best/Worst Harmonica

    Quote Originally Posted by 1Echo
    Best: That guy from the Flecktones
    That would be Howard Levy.

    Let's not forget Toots Thielmanns (sp?).

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    Re: Best/Worst Harmonica

    Stevie Wonder.

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    Re: Best/Worst Harmonica

    Ridiculous? Hell, it's the most fun thread I've found in awhile.

    Yes, Howard Levy's great, I worked with him when he was just another Chicago session player in the 1980's. Howard could pick up a rock and make music with it. When he left town to play with Bela Fleck we started using Corky Siegel (Siegel Schwall Band). Terry McMillan is also a monster (Nashville session guy).

    Worst? Bob Dylan of course.

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