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Topic: Best/worst singer

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    Best/worst singer

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    John West
    Mats Leven
    Chris Cornell
    D.C. Cooper
    Danny Elfman <- hey i think he sings great!!


    this list could be really huge...

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    Too many good singers, with too many very different voices, to even start--

    Sarah Vaughn
    Johnny Cash
    Billie Holiday
    Julie London
    Janis Joplin
    EmmyLou Harris
    Grace Slick
    Linda Rondstat (Heart Like A Wheel is pop, but still a great album)

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    To many

    Best: Ella Fitzgerald
    Dione Warwick
    Dusty Springfield
    Aretha Franklin

    Worst: Jerry Lewis

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    All these lists are subjective to a degree, but this one is so subjective I can't even get into it. It's really just an "I like/ I hate" thread.

    For technique and training we should pretty much be looking at classical singers...

    (That said, Charles list isn't too far off the mark...)

    Personally I think Jon Anderson (Yes) is one of the greatest, but I know people that run sceaming from his voice. Whatayagonnado??

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    See I could contribute a list of who I think is great, but you'd all roll your eyes just like my wife does when I harp on how even though his voice is rough, Nick Cave carries an emotional weight when singing that far outshines his voices character.

    Anyways, I have to agree with Ern's list. I won't post mine out of respect for you guys. I go more for evoking the emotion of the song than I do for sounding like angels on high, so my list is very subjective.

    Worst singers? Anyone who can't add weight to the song and are just filling a part.

    Hey Ern, you're a pretty damn good singer yourself.

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    I find Leonard Cohen quite annoying.

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    BTW, I think that Jon's "Olias Of Sunhillow" was WAY before its time. Granted, there's no bottom end on the album, but I believe it's pure genius in concept. The choral vocals are brilliant, and the synth parts for its time are magical. He's one of a kind.

    Oh man, that's one of my favorite albums EVER!! BTW I could pretty solidly agree with probably 4/5 of your list. Especially John and Paul.

    Who else? I like Todd Rundgren... Ohh, how about Ray Charles... Ozzy Osborne!! I used to HATE him growing up but now I really dig his voice. (Don't know that I'd defend him as a "great" singer, though ). Chris Cornell for sure (and his younger brother Pete who I got to work with in a band called Somnabulist).

    Ian Anderson (Tull) was a big influence on me as a singer growing up. We had sort of the same range. I actually always liked Gordon Lightfoot ( )
    Tony Bennet. Ann Wilson (!!)

    Also, I always liked Brian Ferry but CURSE HIM for the thousands of awful clones we had to endure all through the 80's...

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    Neil Young.... Pick a key. ANY key!

    I won't mention Geddy...

    1)John Anderson...not even close.
    2)Whoever that guy was who played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar...WOW!
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    Re: Best/worst singer

    Quote Originally Posted by XanaX
    I find Leonard Cohen quite annoying.
    I find Leonard Cohen about as enjoyable as getting my d!ck caught in my zipper.

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    Re: Best/worst singer

    Another obscure one for you guys... Peter Steele..Type O Negative.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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