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Topic: "Phantom of the Opera" pipe organ?

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    "Phantom of the Opera" pipe organ?

    Which sample libraries have that full pipe organ sound like the beginning of the "Phantom of the Opera"?

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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" pipe organ?

    Peter Ewer's organ libs have a MASSIVE tutti organ sound, with about a 10 second reverb trail. And then there's the Notredame de Budapest, which is a stunning organ collection but might be more complex than you need if you just want that one big sound. Also, GPO has a very nice pipe organ.

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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" pipe organ?

    Good advice. Notre Dame de Budapest is a fanstastic library!!! Just jaw-droppingly gorgeous and detailed. The original Ewers is very good as well...certainly that tutti is huge and all-encompassing, if not quite as cleanly transparent as the Notre Dame recordings.

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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" pipe organ?


    Back when I start having money to spend on these things again, I'll probably only be able to buy one organ library. Do you reccomend Peter Ewer 1 or 2 or NDB Full? Actually, chances are that if I got NDB Full I would actually be able to get it in the bundle with PMI. Anyway, what will I be missing if I don't get Peter Ewer?

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