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Topic: Gesuldo's "Ave, Dulcessima Maria" -HP Brass quintet by Andrew Koenig

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    Gesuldo's "Ave, Dulcessima Maria" -HP Brass quintet by Andrew Koenig

    Andrew Koenig sent in this wonderful Brass quintet rendition of Don Carlo Gesualdo's "Ave, Dulcessima Maria".

    Gesualdo was the prince of Venosa, Italy and lived between 1560 and 1613 and is known for his madrigals and sacred works.

    Andrew used Finale and Human Playback with GPO Studio in his rendition of the Ave. The GPO Instruments used were: Trumpet, two French horns and two trombones. Here is the link:


    And here is the Finale file for those who want to play it in Finale:

    Excellent work Andrew. Hard to believe it's notation and kudos also to Robert Piéchaud's Human Playback.

    Thanks for sharing your music and your work product with us.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Gesuldo's "Ave, Dulcessima Maria" -HP Brass quintet by Andrew Koenig

    OK, this is it. I HAVE to get Finale 2005!!! 2004's HP doesn't do GPO very well. I have heard several examples of 2005's with GPO and am convinced I have to get it.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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    Re: Gesuldo's "Ave, Dulcessima Maria" -HP Brass quintet by Andrew Koenig

    Thanks for this, Andrew. I really like your use of brass. It captures the mood very nicely.

    Gesualdo is a long-time favorite of mine. As time went on, his use of surprising harmonic changes became even more pronounced. There is a hint of that in this piece. "Belta, poi che t'assenti" is another example of this exaggerated harmonic sense. It's often referred to as "Mannerist". I did a jazz rendition of Belta with trumpet and sax once.

    Gesualdo also had a rather "interesting" personal life...

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